A Quick Guide To Eating And Drinking With Invisalign Aligners

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Invisalign aligners are an orthodontic treatment that aims to put your teeth in their proper position, achieving that perfect smile. While a dental brace can do this job easily, Invisalign aligners provide a more discreet appearance, not allowing anyone to see them unless they take a closer look. However, there are plenty of things you need to do to make them more efficient and allow for maximum results, and this includes what you eat and drink. 

Never Eat With Your Invisalign Aligners On

Since your Invisalign aligners go through your mouth, you’ll need to be careful with what you eat and drink, as certain components can damage them. Before you eat or drink anything, you should remove them first, as they’re not intended for biting or chewing. While removing and attaching them every time you eat might be a pain, they’d help keep your Invisalign clear braces in their best shape.

Keeping your aligners on while you eat might damage its trays, as your teeth can damage almost anything since they’re practically bones. Moreover, drinking other beverages aside from soda can also damage its surface and leave a horrible stain on your aligners. While it might be tempting just to have a quick bite or sip, it’s best to remove your aligners first and allow yourself to eat as much as you want. 

Removing And Attaching Your Invisalign Aligners

Dentists recommend wearing your Invisalign aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily. This means you’ll only be taking them off when you’re about to eat or drink a beverage apart from water. Admittedly, not everyone is comfortable with removing and attaching their aligners every now and then, as they’re not the most convenient option. However, this is the biggest con you have to deal with if you’d like to hide the process of aligning your teeth. 

Alternatively, some dentists might recommend Invisalign attachments that help attach your aligners better and give them enough force to manipulate your teeth’ position. Don’t worry, as they’re usually tooth-colored, so no one can easily notice them unless, of course, they take a closer look. 

As you eat without your Invisalign aligners, it’s highly recommended that you brush your teeth thoroughly to ensure that food particles or bacteria won’t stay in between the gaps of your teeth. Not only are they unhygienic, but they might also help develop cavities as you can’t wash them with water throughout the day. This might require you to bring your own set of hygiene kits wherever you go so you can easily keep your teeth clean as you put back your aligners on. 

What You Can Consume With Invisalign Aligners On

While it might really be dreading to put your Invisalign aligners on each time you eat and drink, there’s a certain thing you can consume with them on, and that’s water. Yes, water might be too bland, but they’re the only safest option you can drink with your Invisalign aligners on. This way, you don’t have to take them off as you rehydrate yourself, as they’re clean and completely safe to be around your mouth. But for everything else that you wish to eat or drink, you should take them off, even if they’re healthy. 

Foods That Help Improve Dental Health

Once you take off your Invisalign aligners, you can eat and drink almost anything. But since you’re still undergoing dental treatment, it’ll be preferable if you could consume something that could help to strengthen your teeth. This way, you’re not just aligning them in their perfect shape but also keeping them healthy. Moreover, below are some foods you can eat that help to improve your dental health.

  • Dairy Products: Since your teeth are basically made out of bones, it’s only logical to consume calcium-rich foods. This allows for better and stronger teeth development, which you need as your aligners try to manipulate how they sit in your gums. Dairy products aren’t only delicious, but they’re also high in calcium and protein. They also help raise the mouth’s pH levels, which helps to minimize or eliminate the growth of bacteria and allows for a healthier mouth. You can eat various dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt.
  • Apples: Apples are among the most popular and healthy foods that greatly benefit your teeth. This food is high in water and fiber, even if they’re amazingly sweet. Moreover, eating an apple helps to produce more saliva, which helps wash away any bacteria and food particles inside your mouth. Their texture also helps to keep your teeth strong as they’re the right kind of crunch that helps to keep your teeth healthier. By eating apples, you can gain plenty of nutrients while also keeping your teeth clean and healthy.
  • Carrots: Another crunchy food you can consume is carrots. With every bite, you can gently scrape away any bacteria from your teeth and keep them clean. They can also help increase saliva production to wash away bacteria and food particles inside your mouth. Additionally, they’re high in vitamin A, which benefits your skin and eyes. It’ll be a great food that serves your body with plenty of benefits.
  • Cucumbers: Another crunchy food that you can eat is cucumbers. However, they might not give off the most delicious flavors as they’re full of water. But take that to your advantage, as this means that it can properly hydrate your mouth as you eat. It’ll be a great alternative to chips as snacks, as you can get the same sensation but with a healthier benefit.
  • Onions: While not everyone is fond of eating onions, they’re healthy for your mouth as they contain antibacterial properties that help kill off any bacteria inside your mouth. This can help prevent cavities and gum disease, allowing for a healthier mouth. However, it might require you to do more intense brush cleaning as they leave a strong scent. But the benefits they can give off to your mouth will surely be worth it.
  • Berries: Berries are popular as teeth stainers, especially for those that come with dark colors. However, berries contain certain compounds that make it challenging for plaque to attach to your teeth. This allows for a healthier and cleaner mouth with an amazing taste.


Having Invisalign treatment can help to improve your teeth’s appearance. However, you need to be careful with what you consume as it can damage its surface, putting them into waste. While the only thing you can consume with them on is water, you can eat anything you want as soon as you take them off. However, it’ll be helpful if you could choose foods that could benefit your oral health for a healthier mouth. With the right food choices, you should maintain a perfect and strong set of teeth.




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