Addiction Treatment Methods in Utah

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Addiction has become an epidemic in the United States. It is a national problem that affects millions of people across the country. Each state has its own challenges when it comes to treating people who struggle with addiction. Sometimes people even travel out of state for rehab programs to get the best treatment for their situation and to start the journey to sobriety. 

The abuse of drugs is particularly challenging here in Utah. There are several factors that have contributed to addiction in the state. Between the social and societal impact that drugs have on the culture in Utah, it has become a devastating issue for people who live in Utah. The response has been legitimate and multifaceted. There are treatment programs that have become so successful, people flock to them from all over the country. 

The increase of effective addiction treatment programs helps combat the issue not only locally, but to spread the impact of recovery across America. There are all kinds of different approaches to addiction treatment. From detox to dual diagnosis, there are plenty of methods used in addiction treatment centers in Utah.  

Group Counseling and Therapy

Group counseling and therapy sessions are the most effective treatment modalities for people struggling with addiction. The right group meeting can help people work through the issues that caused their addiction in the first place. It can help them unravel all the emotions attached to drinking or doing drugs. By going to a group therapy session, people can overcome the challenges necessary to live a life of sobriety. Through counseling programs, people can talk through their problems and hear ideas for solutions instead of feeling stuck and incapable of change. Other people can offer tools to help you no matter what you’re facing.

12 Step Programs

One of the most well-known options for addiction treatment in general and specifically in Utah is a 12 Step Program. The 12-step model was founded by the creators of Alcoholics Anonymous and incorporates seeking a higher power, steps to work through for atonement and understanding, and forgiving yourself and others. It’s a powerful program because it can help the vast majority of people who are going through addiction. Most programs include both group and one-on-one opportunities. Hearing other people’s stories is a critical component of the 12 steps.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This type of treatment is available at many of Utah’s addiction recovery centers. While some therapeutic methods involve talking about problems, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps people to create new habits that can lead to success in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. CBT is often used for people who have depression and anxiety. It can facilitate thought processes that keep these people stuck in a cycle of poor mental health. Since many people with addiction also have mental health problems, CBT is a good tool to help people overcome these thought processes and then create new habits.

Use Medication

One treatment for drug and alcohol addiction involves substituting prescription medications for addictive substances like opiates or alcohol. There are many different medications for each person and their addiction. Methadone helps wean people off heroin. Alcohol withdrawal may require medication because it can be quite dangerous. Anti-anxiety medications may soothe the worry and stress during detox. 

Furthermore, SSRIs are effective in treating depression and anxiety, but they can also be used as replacements for psychoactive drugs to transition people off of highly addictive substances. SSRI stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It’s a type of antidepressant that works by dispersing the amount of serotonin that is released in the brain. Some people release too much serotonin at once. This can help patients in recovery feel better and more stable while they are in recovery. SSRIs should only be used for short periods of time that are recommended by your doctors. It’s one of the ways that professionals in Utah help people recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

Nature Therapy

There are endless places in Utah to experience the beauty of nature. Many treatment facilities incorporate outdoor and nature therapy because of this. People who spend time outside are less likely to experience mental health issues, and the combination of fresh air, vitamin D, and even grounding techniques can help people overcome addiction. It can take the mind off their problems and allow them to see that there is a whole world out there to explore. However you look at it, spending time in nature and taking hikes in forests can benefit many people going through addiction recovery. Utah is a great spot to enjoy nature.

Residential Treatment

Some treatment programs are outpatient meaning people come in for meetings and appointments but then go home to their bed and regular life. In Utah, there is a combination of both residential and outpatient treatment opportunities. Residential facilities provide housing, food, and a variety of options for recovery. Once a drug addict or alcoholic has detoxed from substances, they can then participate in things like daily walks, exercise, art therapy, and more to help them recover. These people can sometimes transition to recovery housing.

Recovery housing is a safe, supportive environment for recovering addicts who are looking to transition from inpatient treatment to living independently. In recovery housing, the person who is struggling with addiction stays with other people who are also in recovery. Recovery housing may include roommates who have similar experiences and goals, or it could be a private room within a large house or apartment. It’s one of the many treatment methods available in Utah.

There are a lot of reasons that Utah has become a popular destination for addiction recovery. Between the spirituality, hospitality, and gorgeous nature around the state, it has become a prime candidate to respond to the addiction crisis. There are a lot of people struggling with drugs and alcohol in Utah and the result is many effective addiction treatment facilities people come to from around the country. So, if you or your loved one needs help to stay doing drugs or alcohol, treatment in Utah is a great option.




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