Are hormone pellets a good idea?

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With growing age come several concerns, be it regarding either mental health or decreased physical capabilities, that lead to lowering confidence and self-esteem. Aging concerns are not limited to gender, and thus both men and women go through various stages while aging. While most aged individuals deal with the ongoing changes in themselves, several seek external therapies to balance hormones, increase vigor and improve overall health. 

Hormone pellet therapy is one such quickly rising solution to treat age-related troubles. This blog covers what you need to know about this therapy, its benefits, etc.

What are hormone pellets used for?

Hormone pellets are small grain-like pellets that are used in hormone replacement therapy. These minute pills are among the popular solutions used in hormone replacement therapy both in men and women to preserve their overall well-being. 

In addition, individuals suffering from imbalanced hormones, andropause, and menopause opt for HRT to stimulate hormones through external media. This is because aging reduces certain levels of hormones in the human body.

These are minute pellets implanted in the concerned individual’s abdominal wall through minute surgeries. These pellets then release regular hormones into the human body constantly for a period ranging between three to six months. 

Since the minute pill-like substances release hormones bioidentical to human hormones and dissolve after a period, removing them through another surgery is not required.

Obtained from plant materials, these bioidentical hormones act as replacements for the absence of natural hormone production and eradicate several symptoms. So, hormone pellet therapy leads to well-being and improvement in the quality of living in aging males and females. 

Benefits of using hormone pellet therapy for women

Hormone pellets can be implanted with the help of a medical professional to treat a variety of hormonal imbalances and menopause. Imbalanced hormones cause irritation and reduced energy and health. Some of the benefits of replacement therapy are listed below

  • Menopause: Estrogen is one of the prime hormones in the female body that is naturally produced in the ovaries. As women age, this production reduces accelerating menopause and its related symptoms, including aggression, anxiety, fatigue, etc. Hormone Pellets are useful in dealing with symptoms of menopause by increasing testosterone levels. This also benefits imbalanced hormones in younger women and thus relieving the symptoms of premature menopause. 
  • Skin conditions: Another major condition observed by aging women is the poor health of their skin. Hormonal imbalance can cause skin conditions such as wrinkles, dryness, reduced elasticity, etc. Hormone pellets implanted under the skin release regular levels of bioidentical hormones obtained from plants, which travel in the human body and reduce certain skin conditions. There is a potential to decrease dryness, fine lines, and dehydrated and thick skin that is often caused by unevenness of hormones through this therapy.
  • Well being: Hormones are a major factor in enhancing overall well-being in the human body. Sometimes certain treatments for diseases such as cancer may reduce estrogen levels in women. Hormone pellet therapy is beneficial in such cases as it naturally replaces reduced hormones. Additionally, this therapy even provides relief from the ongoing cancer treatment that might result in migraines, reduced energy, insomnia, and other health conditions.

Benefits of using hormone pellet therapy for men

Hormone pellets are a newer addition to hormone replacement therapy that can benefit aging men suffering from andropause or other similar medical conditions in the following ways.

  • Boost energy: Low testosterone levels can cause fatigue in men, thereby reducing energy. Hormonal changes can be balanced through hormone pellets and can be a possible solution to excess fatigue due to aging or medical conditions. This improves energy levels and calmness.
  • Better concentration and focus: Another effect of low testosterone in men is poor concentration, memory retention, stress, and other mental conditions. This therapy can benefit both young and aging men by improving focus and concentration and reducing stress and depression caused by an imbalance or lower production of testosterone.
  • Improvement in muscle mass and body weight: Low mineral density in bones, gaining body fats, and reduced muscle capacity and strength are other symptoms of lower testosterone levels. Hormone pellet therapy can likely replace the absence of hormones and thus enhance metabolism, weight, muscle mass, and strength.
  • Increase sexual drive: Aging can cause a huge toll on sexual conditions, causing mood swings, erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, and more. Hormone pellet therapy can potentially improve mood, libido, and sexual drive and enhance stamina. 

How are hormone pellets a good idea?

Although there are certain risks of hormone pellet therapy, such as minor surgery that needs to be performed to implant the pellets, limited customization of pellets to adjust your hormone levels, etc., there are benefits to this therapy. The following reasons outline the benefits of hormone pellets, making them a good alternative to certain treatments related to hormonal imbalances occurring due to aging or medical conditions.

  • Consistent release of hormones: Unlike regular pills or medications that may result in an accidental overdose, these pellets are far better at regularly releasing hormones in the system. This ensures regular replacement of hormones when needed as per the requirement in the human body. In addition, the steady dosage ensures consistency of hormones in the body, thereby reducing symptoms occurring due to previously imbalanced hormones.
  • No usage complexity: Unlike regular pills that need to be consumed as per recommendation, these pellets are convenient as they require no such effort. Once implanted by the surgeon, these pellets automatically release hormones to regularly adjust hormonal levels in the body.
  • High rate of success: Other replacement therapies may require injection, oral medications, gels, etc., which might or might not work based on the conditions of specific individuals. However, unlike other such therapies, hormone pellet therapy is much more effective as it works internally by adjusting the absence of hormonal levels. Thus, this theory has a high success rate compared to other treatments.


Always check out with your physician before opting for any kind of therapy. If you suffer from any diseases or medical conditions, let your doctor know before going for hormone therapy.




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