What Diet Is Best for Me? 5 Tips to Help You Choose

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Statistics show that 95% of the people who start dieting to lose weight will fail in their efforts, regaining any weight they lose within five years. Regardless of the reason for your diet, whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or simply promote better health, you need a solid plan in place. Such a plan must be tailored to your body type and your lifestyle. If you’re asking “what diet is best for me?” you need to consider all relevant factors before you make a decision. Read on as we share our top five tips for picking the perfect diet.

1. Eat What You Enjoy

When some people hear the word “diet,” they immediately think of egg whites and boiled broccoli. However, there’s no need to remove all of the enjoyment from your diet. If there are foods you enjoy that fit in with your goals, eat them. Also, if there are healthy foods you’ve never tried before, give them a go. You never know what your new favorite healthy snack might be. The best diets for 2020 to start your year off right cover a number of different food types. Whatever your preferences are, you should be able to find a diet that suits you.

2. Prioritize Sustainability

It’s no secret that dieting requires discipline. To succeed, you’ll have to resist temptation a lot of the time. However, nobody can successfully resist it all the time. Your diet stands a much better chance of succeeding if you incorporate a treat here and there. Giving yourself this reward keeps you motivated and lessens the risk of harmful bingeing.

3. Count Calories

If your diet goals relate to losing (or gaining) weight, calories are by far the most important factor for you. Intake of sugars, fats, or any other nutrient type is largely relevant only to the extent that it affects overall calorie intake. While recording your whole calorie intake might sound like a chore, it is the most effective way to modify your weight.

4. Consider Your Schedule

One of the main reasons for diet breakdown in many cases is inconvenience. Dieters plan to cook a healthy meal every evening, only to get stuck working late and ordering a pizza two or three nights a week. If this sounds like a possibility for you, consider your options carefully. Look into preparing meals ahead of time, or look at healthy take-out options (salad or sushi bars, for example) in your area.

5. Don’t Beat Yourself up

If you end up slipping, don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens to the best of us. Rather than obsessing, draw a line under it and start fresh tomorrow.

What Diet Is Best for Me?

The best diet for you might be disastrous for someone else. You should never underestimate the power of individual variation when deciding how to eat, or when making any other decision that’s relevant to your health. So, if you’re asking “what diet is best for me?” you need to realize that “me” is the most important word in that sentence. Did you find this article useful? If so, have a look at some of our others! Our content explores the idea of using food as medicine and optimizing your diet to be as healthy as possible.




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