Best dietary supplements to gain muscle

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With attention grabbing advertisements, you cannot really tell if a particular supplement would work or not. When you see the stars of bodybuilding world endorsing a private label dietary supplement, you tend to go for it more often than not. But you need to keep in mind the fact that the bodybuilders who appear in the ads are all paid for to advertise the supplement, so you better go with a sound thought process before actually buying a dietary supplement.

On the other hand, there are several reputable companies that come up with their own dietary supplements. Before going with any of these, you need to ensure there are no side-effects. Moreover, you also need to consider your body requirements before jumping to any conclusions and buying the dietary supplements. Met-Rx is one of the reputable companies that produce supplements for bodybuilders. When it comes to supplements, there are several factors you need to consider. The supplement you are intending to buy should be all protein, without any fillers, no sugar, no carbohydrates and no syrup. If you keep these aspects in mind, then you can certainly come across an ideal dietary supplement that can cater to your body requirements ideally.

In the same vein, we suggest you strive to use natural bodybuilding supplements that are proven to not only deliver great results, but are design with organic ingredients.

Remember your goal is to gain either muscle mass, get leaner frame or become stronger and firmer – and NOT to harm your precious health in the long run. There are several types of supplements

Protein Powder

It is composed of pure protein, which is extremely handy for your body. For athletes and bodybuilders, they need to double their intake of protein as compared to average people. This is because of the fact that the body of bodybuilders is subject to extreme training, therefore, the protein requirements are enhanced as well.

Meal Replacements

These are the meal replacements which are actually a powder which is to be mixed with whole milk or water. If you want, you also blend fruits into the mixture, which makes it extremely tasty and full of energy. Apples, bananas, blueberries and peaches are the most common fruits you can blend into the mixture. Peanut butter is another option you can consider. These meal replacements are high-protein which can cater to your diet requirements serenely.

Fat Burners

If you are looking to overcome the excess fat from your body, then these fat burners can be handy. These compounds increase the body temperature, which helps in achieving the metabolic rate that can be handy in overcoming body fat. There are a number of trade names and brand names under which these burner supplements are projected and marketed. Before buying, you should check the ECA stock, which can give you an indication of the content there in the supplements. These fat burners are helpful in increasing the metabolism, resultantly; you can get rid of the excess body fats.


Amino acids are essential for your body, and when you train extensively, you should look for appropriate intake of amino acids. When you train hard, more than 50% L-Glutamine in your body is consumed. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to regain the lost amino acids, and the best way to do it is to use the L-glutamine supplements. Regular intake of this amino acid ensures that your body muscles don’t deteriorate after the workout session.

Green Tea

If you are following a weight loss program, then you need to add green tea in your diet plan. Though, green tea alone doesn’t help in reducing weight, yet an overall combination of low-caloric food can help you get the job done. If you cut down your calories and eat green tea daily, then the chances of you achieving your weight loss goals are increased. It is essential that you do not rely on green tea alone; rather a complete diet low in calories should accompany green tea.

Facts you need to consider- 3,500 calories daily corresponds to one pound of body fat. If you are looking to lose one pound of body weight, then you need to keep these figures in mind. If you are looking to lose one pound every week, then you should cut down your daily calories by 500.

According to a Japanese research, drinking five cups of green tea daily can help you get rid of 70-80 calories per day, which can be helpful in weight loss goals. If you persist with it and don’t change the rest of your diet, then you can lose 8 pounds of your body fat in one year. If you reduce the calorie intake, then the results can even be better. The phenomenon that helps you get rid of excess fat by drinking green tea is known as thermogenesis.

Caffeine is the major player in terms of thermogenesis. The Japanese scientists are, however, of the view that the aromatic brew also helps in the mentioned process and it is not just caffeine which does the trick. Green tea has several other benefits as well; therefore, you need to consider all these to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.




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