Best home workout equipment of 2021

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As we all know, due to covid everything was closed in that case, many people diverted their minds on their health as they all got time from their busy schedule to take care of themselves. There are many types of equipment that people use for a workout daily. This article will discuss some of the important equipment that we can use daily to improve our health.

Resistance Band

Resistance bands are a kind of elastic band that is mainly used to provide strength to our body. It has many benefits like:

  • It tones the muscles, provides flexibility, easy to use as it is lightweight, affordable, and portable.
  • The gym resistance band can be used by people of any age, size, or fitness level as it does not rely on gravity.
  • It helps recover injuries as it does not apply pressure keeping bones and joints safe from any harm.
  • The exercises that can be done using a resistance band are Glute bridge, Front squat, Clamshells, Lateral band walk.


It is a kind of machine with a moving strip on which we can walk without moving forward. It helps reduce cardiac-related problems, chronic diseases, improve irregular sleep patterns, helps in reducing extra fat from the body, energizes your body, and enhances the body’s overall functioning.

It helps users to control the speed of the belt according to them. The best workout that one can do on the treadmill is Walk and Jog interval, Treadmill Sprints, Jacob’s Ladder(Treadmill Ladder’s), Hill workout, 10 minute HIIT workout.

Pull Up Band set

Pull-ups are mainly used for bodybuilding and biceps. It helps in providing strength to the body. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and easily performs exercises at home only using pull-up bands. It offers multiple health benefits like mobility, Stretching, Joint Distraction, Speed and agility, Upper body Resistance Training, Pull-up Assistance, Banded Bench, Banded Squat & Press.

It is recommended that if you have weak core muscles, then you must not pull up. There is a huge difference between Pull up and Push-ups. Pull-up is more difficult than Push-ups as Pull-up carries whole body weight and creates a greater impact on the back muscles. In Push-ups there is minimal effect on the back.

Shoulder Pulley

It helps in improving body movement. It is recommended when one is suffering from shoulder pain or has undergone shoulder surgery. It increases strength, range of motion.

Injuries that can cause shoulder pain are Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder bursitis, Rotator cuff injury or Surgery, Dislocated Shoulder, Proximal humeral fracture. We can recover from such types of injuries using a shoulder pulley.

The multiple kinds of exercise that we can perform using shoulder pulley are

  • Shoulder Flexion range of motion.
  • Shoulder abduction using pulleys.
  • Shoulder Internal rotation using over-the-Door pulleys.

Glute Bands

They are also called Booty bands. They are versatile, excellent training tools, and affordable in price. It is the best way to activate muscles. It helps in rebuilding the muscles and strengthening the body.

Hip Band

It is made from soft elastic fabric that has an inner grip to prevent discomfort. It offers support and resistance. It helps provide shape to our body, including legs, hips, glutes, ankles, calves, and many others. They usually target smaller muscle groups. It helps in providing fitness levels to the body, high durability, and efficiency.

It comes in multiple sizes and resistance levels. There are multiple hip-strengthening exercises that include Squats, Sideway leg lifts (lying).

Freestanding Punching Bag

It is quite different from other punching bags as they are positioned on the floor, and others are hanging from the wall. The empty bag is filled with foam, sand, or water. They are portable, easy to use, and easy to install. They are more expensive and less resistant.

Indoor Cycling Bike

It is used to burn a lot of calories and body fat compared to other cardio-equipments. It puts less stress on joints. The benefits that indoor cycling offers are:

  • It helps in boosting cardio fitness. It helps in reducing high Blood pressure, lower stress, improve memory and overall functioning of the body.
  • It helps in reducing weight loss and reduces 600 calories in 1 hour just by cycling.
  • It provides an overall workout, including knees, ankles, and other joints.
  • It is safer than road cycling.

There are multiple types of stationary cycling, i.e., Upright bike, Recumbent bike, Dual-action bike.

Rowing Machine

They are also known as ergometers or ergs. It provides amazing benefits to the heart and lungs.

The multiple benefits of Rowing includes are:

  • Total body workout: It mostly targets muscles and strengthens leg muscles, including quadriceps, calves, glutes.
  • Burn Calories: It burns a lot of calories and controls movement, pace and provides faster recovery.
  • Relax mind: It relaxes the mind and provides calming benefits.

Weight Bench

Weight Bench is equipment that resembles a normal bench. It is mainly designed for weight training. It is also called a fitness bench.

There are multiple types of weight benches:

It helps tone the upper part of the body, including the arms, shoulders, pectorals.

  • Flat Weight bench: It supports heavyweights and is non-adjustable.
  • Adjustable Weight benches: It allows people to strengthen their muscles from multiple angles.
  • Olympic Weight Benches: It has a multi-tiered racking system.
  • Specialist Weight Benches: It specifically targets a particular muscle.

Apart from this, other types include folding weight bench, abdominal bench, Preacher curl bench. Know the best weight bench that you can use if you think of buying soon.


In this article, you came to know that despite going to the gym, one can also do workouts at home, and the covid period is the best example of this. Many of the people benefited from the daily activity at home. You can also use multiple types of equipment for exercise, and the health benefits are mentioned above.




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