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It’s bitter, a little bit sweet and so fresh, no wonder beer is the world’s most popular drink after water. Whether you enjoy the subtle aromas of your favorite craft beer, love tasting fruit flavors of local ales or you find pleasure in the clean and crisp taste of lagers, when it comes to beer there is something for everyone.

If you want to treat yourself with your favorite beer after a hard day at work or just need some tasty refreshment during the hot summer day, there’s no need to go out or look for the nearest bar, you can order beer online and get it delivered straight to your door from this website.

Why Is Beer Delivery A Perfect Idea?

Here are the primary reasons that explain why beer delivery is very beneficial.

1. So many options!

Our online beer delivery service offers all your favorite beer brands, craft brews, variety packs, and cases of beer for events, gatherings and special occasions. You can choose from hundreds of bottles from all over the world, including lagers, stouts, IPAs, and everything else that crosses your mind. Can’t decide between cider and hard seltzer? Whether you’re looking for easy-drinking drinks or the latest innovations, we have what you need. Ordering (and reordering) drinks for happy hours and work celebrations is easy with FreshDirect beer delivery.

2. Delivery to your doorstep!

You don’t need to carry around bottles anymore because we’ll deliver them to you right at your doorstep! There is nothing worse than having to dress up and having to visit a liquor store after getting cozy at home or when the party has already started. Avoid the hassle and order your favorite beer from the comfort of your home and don’t miss any important moments of the event. It’s all delivered in our refrigerated trucks so you can be sure the beer will arrive at your doorstep ready to enjoy it.

3. It’s easy!

When you’re tired after a long day walking or driving out to buy a few cans or bottles of beer is the last thing you want to do. With your favorite beer being delivered at your door, you don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to put in any effort. Choosing your preferred flavors and brews can be done at your leisure, from the comfort of your home, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the delivery.

4. Reduces Drinking and Driving Cases

Another major advantage of getting beer delivery is that it can reduce the total number of drunk driving cases. Even drinking a few glasses or a bottle of beer can make people tipsy. So, driving in a not-so-sober state can lead to some severe problems. So, by getting beer delivered to your home or any place where you want to drink, there will be little to no drunk driving cases. As a result, the reduction of drunk driving cases helps in keeping everyone safe.

5. Easy Payments

Sometimes, when you buy beer from a local store, they might have limited payment options. Also, if there are excessive numbers of customers lining up to get beer from the same store, the online payment server might stop working for some time. However, the companies offering beer delivery services often provide plenty of payment options, such as cash on delivery, direct bank transfer, internet banking, PayPal, wire transfer, and so on. As a result, you can make the payment as per your convenience.

6. Host The Events Conveniently

The beer delivery services relieve the burden on the host of the event of getting the beer from the shop. You can easily place an order through our app and wait for our staff to deliver it to the location whether the party or private event is held. This way, there will be no need to leave the guests or handle the pressure of requesting another person to get the beers for the event. Our beer delivery service can guarantee that the fun never ends.

7. Save time!

Avoid waiting in long queues and don’t waste time looking for the most convenient liquor store, order in the morning and have it delivered by the end of the day or within two hours. In many areas, we offer same-day and express delivery, so you can shop whenever is convenient for you. You can also get $5 off orders Tuesday-Friday with a DeliveryPass trial for 60 days. There are no hidden attachments so you can cancel at any time. As long as you order more than once a month, the cost pays for itself after the trial. You can also reorder from our reorder page where you can find your latest purchases ranked by how many times you ordered.

8. Quick Services

You can be confident that you will receive your beer orders at the appropriate moment if you use our top-rated beer delivery service. There will be no need to be concerned about sitting around all day long waiting to get the beers since we will deliver them as soon as possible. Additionally, by ordering the beers using our app or website, you can obtain a general time of when your order will arrive.

9. No Transportation Costs

If you want to get a beer, the most common option is to visit a liquor store and purchase beer. So, in order to visit the store, you need to drive to the location of the store, which adds additional transportation costs. On the other hand, if you opt for beer delivery services, you can get rid of the transportation expenses. In addition to that, you would not have to deal with traffic as well if you wish to get beer during weekends.


Since there are plenty of benefits of getting your beer delivered, it is best to make the best use of the beer delivery service.

FreshDirect has more than 20 years of tradition in the food delivery business and more than 57 million orders delivered since 2002. Discover beer delivery with FreshDirect and enjoy your favorite bottle of beer tonight!




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