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Medical tourism has become a choice for many people who want to have the best when it comes to taking care of their health. If you’re interested in undergoing diagnostics or any kind of treatment abroad, it would be useful to get to know a little bit more about one of the largest medical tourism companies in the world – Booking Health. Booking Health is the only provider of medical tourism with the international certificate ISO 9001:2015 that confirms high-quality standards.

About Booking Health

Booking Health is the international online portal for booking all types of medical programs abroad. The whole concept of Booking Health has upgraded the level of medical tourism today, making it available for people regardless of country of residence.

The organization operates through Booking Health website, allowing visitors to select the treatment programs of interest quickly and effectively, and offering a progressive approach to the treatment of a variety of diseases. The website visitors can also find useful information about clinics, healthcare professionals, diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the company’s blog.

Booking Health provides an opportunity for making an independent choice and comparing offers with the possibility of booking treatment programs of patient’s liking. Patients have free access to modern treatment programs in Germany, Austria, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, India, Thailand, South Korea, and many other countries. If a patient can not make a choice by himself, he may seek help from a Booking Health medical advisor or patient case manager.

People from all around the world actively use the services of Booking Health, so that they don’t have to look endlessly for a suitable treatment regimen, wait for a doctor’s appointment, and feel insecure if they do not speak a foreign language. Basically, patients don’t have to do it all alone. They can save mental energy to focus on treatment and recovery.

Services of Booking Health

Here’s what you can expect when using the services of Booking Health company:

  • Expertise in the selection of the hospital and treatment program that is suitable for your diagnosis
  • Negotiation with the administration of the chosen medical facility
  • Translation of the necessary medical documentation
  • Ability to issue urgent medical visas (even if the embassy at the place of residence is closed because of the lockdown)
  • Booking flight tickets and transfer to and from the hospital, taking care of accommodation in outpatient treatment
  • Guarantee of the fixed cost of treatment and the possibility of a refund if the procedures already paid for weren’t necessary
  • Arrangement of follow-up examinations, additional therapeutic procedures, rehabilitation
  • Assistance throughout the whole treatment

Why choose the treatment abroad?

Developing countries are spending less money on healthcare. As a result, in such countries, there are fewer qualified doctors, clinics are poorly equipped, and the frequency of diagnostic errors reaches 50%. No innovative methods are used or their availability is limited. Even standard procedures and operations, which have been used in medicine for decades, in countries with a low level of medicine often have a high percentage of mortality, complications, and unsatisfactory results.

Before being introduced into the clinical practice, novel treatment techniques, medications, or other medical products have to receive the approval of local healthcare authorities. For instance, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assesses the benefits and risks of using the novel medical product, analyzes the available treatments for the pathology, and elaborates the risk management strategies. If the medication is promising or is potentially able to treat a life-threatening condition, an accelerated approval may be applied.

Local approval of novel medical products and techniques may take too much time so that it is easier for a patient to travel abroad and start therapy there. This is particularly important for patients with fast-progressing health conditions, like cancer.

Why not do it yourself?

If you feel like you can do it yourself, that’s great! But many people are psychologically exhausted and overwhelmed enough by the fact that they have confronted an enemy in the face of the complex diagnosis. It already feels like too much.

If you decide on doing it yourself, you need to be aware of the obstacles that may arise. First, there’s an issue of expertise in the area, and it’s a significant one. Without proper knowledge you may pay more, choose the hospital that doesn’t specialize in your disease or that offers unreliable treatment methods, wait a long time for the hospital’s response. And you may not know the language of the country you go for treatment to, which significantly complicates the whole process.

With Booking Heal you get:

  • The best hospitals in the world to choose from
  • Booking Health specialists studying your clinical case and choosing the best clinic and the effective treatment program for you
  • Lower prices and a clear understanding of what you pay for
  • Ability to undergo urgent treatment and to have necessary appointments when it is comfortable for you
  • All organizational issues related to travel and stay in another country solved

Treatment abroad during the lockdown

The lockdown complicates the organization of treatment abroad. It’s actually another reason why you shouldn’t do it alone. Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, there are many limitations and overall aspects you need to know about in order not to waste your energy and money.

Even if you’re convinced that you can’t go for treatment in another country, try to do it with Booking Health. The company knows how to deal with the specifics of each situation and has already helped many patients to undergo treatment abroad despite the lockdown. Specialists of Booking Health facilitate issuing visas for a patient and an accompanying person (including medical visas), provide a patient with an invitation from the chosen hospital, take care of the flight, etc.

Booking Health will fully organize your treatment abroad, taking care of all medical and non-medical aspects. Due to over years of company experience, you don’t need to worry about anything other than your health. Go to Booking Health, leave a request, and your treatment in the specialized hospital abroad will start.




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