Botox – Frown Lines & Crow’s Feet Treatment

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Botulinum toxin of various types is a worldwide famous and used substance included in the base of many products in the aesthetic medicine sphere. It is highly effective for different aesthetic and medical purposes, not to mention all benefits following this type of treatment.

The injectable can be administered to different facial areas (mainly in the perioral and periorbital zone). However, today we would like to talk about Botox for frown lines and crow’s feet. Why these areas? Because these are the most popular ones, of course!

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It’s not a secret that most processes nowadays are performed online. Starting from education, ending with sticking up on every type of product you can imagine. It’s comfortable, it’s fast, it shortens the need for human contact (which is very useful during the pandemic).

Aesthetic medicine professionals prefer online shopping as well because, in this way, it’s much easier to buy everything at affordable prices, choose from much richer product selections, and look for special bonus programs and discounts. And of course, don’t forget about the wholesale purchase option, which can be used by anyone out there. In this way, it is possible to save money and buy everything you need for your clinic in larger quantities. For example, you can buy Botox online from licensed supplier Why them? Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers are great proof of their reliability. If you still doubt, check them out when you have free time.

Why do specialists use Botox injections?

Every botulinum toxin product is able to paralyze nerves ending in target areas and, in this way, eliminate muscle contractions in a person. Thanks to that, it is possible to deal with many health issues, namely:

  • Chronic migraine;
  • Cervical dystonia;
  • Upper limb spasticity;
  • Lower limb spasticity;
  • Severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis;
  • And many others.

But the most famous area for this product is, of course, cosmetic usage. By relaxing facial muscles, it becomes possible to prevent aging signs and eliminate already existing ones. Of course, it is important to make sure the procedure is conducted by an experienced, trained professional in the aesthetic medicine sphere. That’s crucial for an individual’s safety and general well-being after the treatment.

Only adult patients after the age of 18 can use Botox; however, the recommended age for this procedure is 25 and higher based on one’s skin condition. And once again – talking to a doctor is always required because that’s the only way to be sure that botulinum is safe for a person and is able to fulfill all their needs.

The best areas for Botox treatments

As Botox is a muscle relaxant, it is often used to treat muscle or nerve conditions in people. Severe frown lines and deep creases are possible to get rid of, but we cannot promise you an abnormal facial change.

Adult patients treated with Botox can expect improvement in the following zones:

  • Severe forehead lines;
  • Moderate to severe frown lines;
  • Crow’s feet lines;
  • Wrinkles in the perioral area;
  • And so on.

When talking with a doctor about the procedure, it is vital to remember that they should be informed about all herbal supplements, vitamins, or all the medicines that can be potential blood thinners. Moreover, the procedure cannot be performed if an individual suffers from a skin infection, has allergic reactions, inflammations in the treated zone, and so on. Patients with severe side effects or all-over muscle weakness require prompt medical therapy. 

More about the adverse reactions

Side effects are typical for any type of aesthetic medicine treatment, whether it’s dermal filler injection or Botox cosmetic injection. It is crucial to be aware of them in order to eliminate the possibility of severe adverse reactions for an individual. Moreover, by acknowledging them, it is possible to come up with a perfect aftercare routine to make the recovery process much faster and more effective.

The most typical side effects patients tend to experience are injection site reactions (like redness or swelling), bruising in the administration spot, increased skin tenderness, and general muscle weakness. However, it is important not to panic and patiently wait for all the symptoms to fade away (it should happen in approximately a few days after the administration session).

We would like to remind you that severe adverse reactions can also occur in those with sensitive skin or weak health in general. Of course, we are talking about such serious symptoms as trouble breathing, swallowing (in other words, allergic reactions), prolonged muscle weakness, nausea, dizziness, and so on. If treated on time, those should be gone quickly, so once again, – don’t panic and contact your doctor to get proper treatment.

And what about contraindications?

As with all products for skin rejuvenation, Botox has certain limitations that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to aesthetic treatments. If so, they can be harmful to an individual and even cause life-threatening conditions. That’s one of the main reasons why pre-treatment consultations are vital in this type of procedure.

So, if a patient cannot tolerate certain ingredients included in the solution, has to take any type of medications incompatible with botulinum toxin (for example, blood-thinning medications), has skin damage or open wounds in the target zone, or is suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus or epilepsy (here, there can be exceptions, but it is important to make sure the disease is not in its acute stage). Sometimes, specialists insist on having special medical tests conducted to make sure Botox is the right choice for an individual.

The bottom line

Botox to treat frown lines and crow’s feet is one of the best options used in aesthetic medicine. It is safe, it’s effective, and is suitable for people with almost every type of skin. Not to mention that the price is affordable and everyone can improve their appearance without spending tons of money. In case you’ve been wondering whether this procedure is for you, or if you have any doubts, talk to a medical specialist to make sure everything will work perfectly!




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