Breakthroughs in facial dermal fillers

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During recent years, the demand for facial dermal fillers has increased since such procedures are a lot less invasive than surgical procedures. Women have more options when it comes to slow down the aging processes and these procedures grant a far more natural appearance. Facial dermal fillers are so popular due to their safety and immediate effect that can last even more than six months, depending on the peculiarities of the filler.

Currently, several filer agents are available on the market. Some of them are semi-permanent, others are permanent and can last up to 2 years. But hyaluronic acid is still the most popular filler agent that is used in the industry. Several alterations to the technology of creating fillers had lead to better and long-lasting effects. Hyaluronic acid is still the basic component, but new technologies of creating such fillers have improved the efficiency of fillers.

VYCROSS technology

It’s a breakthrough in facial dermal fillers since the technology allows to gain better, more natural and long-lasting effects. Fillers made due to this technology are more viscous, that’s why after implementing such a filler skin gains a rather natural look, and the face gains a volumetric rejuvenation. 

Due to the combination of high and low weight hyaluronic acid, the efficiency of hyaluronic acid chains is improved and the filler is a lot less biodegradable. It means that such a filler will last longer, prolonging the beauty and anti-aging effects. Since such fillers have low molecular weight, it’s easier to infect the tissue and patients experience less pain during the procedure. 

Restylane and Juvederm

In 2019 these two products are the most used cosmetic products for rejuvenation purposes. Many specialists are still arguing about which one of these two products is the best even though these products share a lot of similarities. They are effective and it’s easier to gain a natural look while using these products. 

Both of these products are great at removing facial wrinkles of different depths. Restylane and Juvederm are commonly used to correct the contour of the face. Both Restylane and Juvederm can restore the lost volume thus creating an effect of rejuvenated face and increasing skin elasticity. Due to the data provided by EM company, Juvederm is the second popular product that is purchased by specialists – more info about EM.


 According to recent research, this product has one of the most long-lasting effects. As you know, most fillers have a maximum of six months’ effect. It’s difficult to find the right concentration and to create the correct structure that would both create a long-lasting effect and a natural look of the face. But Revolax is an innovation, after injecting this product the effect will last up to 18 months. 

Customers of EM (contact company) state that their patients state that Revolax lasts at least one year. How is that possible? The creators of the product report that the product has a very low substance migration. In simple words, once injected the gel stays in that place enabling a long-lasting volumetric rejuvenation.


This product is considered to be the most innovative beauty product in 2019. It’s a combination of most loved hyaluronic acid with different minerals, vitamins, etc., that are used in mesotherapy. The idea was to create not only a product that can erase wrinkles and to restore the skin elasticity but also to enrich the skin with vitamins and minerals that would restore the hydro balance. 

As a result, after the injection, patients experience a rejuvenating effect, skin looks natural, without any deformations. Moreover, vitamins and coenzymes affect the overall skin condition and it gains a natural glow.




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