5 Things to do when buying a coffee maker with grinder

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Choosing a good coffee maker especially one with a grinder may be puzzling. You may end up with a complicated machine while you wanted something easy to use. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 top things to do when buying a coffee maker with a grinder.


Decide if you want entry level or pro

When buying a coffee maker that has a grinder, first decide if you want an entry-level coffee maker or one of those used by pro barristers. Their grind setting mechanisms make them differ hence the different levels of difficulty and results. For beginners, the stepped grinders contain specific grinding settings while for pros, the stepless grinders contain unlimited grind settings. The stepped grinders click when the burrs are in place while on the other hand, the stepless grinders are adjustable according to your preferences. You can also choose different types of espresso makers, but the best and affordable ones would be much better.

Consider measurement specifications

You should also consider measurement specifications of a coffee grinder to ensure that they match your needs. A lot of low-end grinders allow you to grind by time. Some allow you to push a lever or a button then wait for a certain amount of time for it to grind while most work for a set period of time depending on the cups you want to be brewed. The high-end grinders on the other hand work by weight, with some giving both the time and weight options. So, you need to find a good coffee maker with a grinder that will perfectly suit your requirements.


Deliberate over espresso or drip

Make a choice between an espresso or drip coffee maker as the two gives different levels of results. If you want coarser grinds that are uniform with lesser coffee dust, then a press or drip would be the best option. But if you prefer finer grind results, then an espresso machine would be a perfect choice. Also, you can get one that offers both fine and coarse grinding if you are having a difficult time choosing between the two.


Make a decision between manual or automatic

If you have a baby that you don’t want to wake in the morning or just don’t like a noisy coffee maker, then you should consider getting a manual one. Manual coffee makers do a perfect job just like the automatic ones. In addition to being quiet, they are portable and are the best for travelers or even for office use. The best advantage they have over automatic coffee makers is that they work even without electricity. So you can always get that hot cup of coffee even when there is no electricity.


Consider your budget

You may fall in love with an espresso but may not be able to afford it. So, weigh your options by considering the specific features under a certain budget. An automatic coffee maker may be unaffordable but you may get a cheaper manual one that will perform almost the same as the automatic one. Look for a good coffee maker with grinder reviews and choose what you feel comfortable with, both budget and performance-wise.




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