Can Genetics Determine My Double Chin Even Though I Am Skinny?

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Sometimes even after losing weight or while being skinny, you might notice a double chin. While extra fat can cause this feature, even when you don’t weigh a lot, you might struggle with this problem. In this article, you can find information about the influence of genetics on the double chin and some tips on how to get rid of double chin when skinny.

What Can Cause a Double Chin Among Skinny People?

There are many factors that can contribute to the formation of a double chin. The excess of weight is just one of them. This is why even skinny people can have a double chin.


Genetics can determine if a double chin appears even if you are skinny. If someone in your family has a double chin but is skinny, or if your family members suffer with little skin elasticity, it is very likely you will develop a double chin. Some genetic features can also cause fat tissue to gather more around your neck area, which also leads to a double chin.

The other thing that can cause the formation of a double chin even when you are skinny is your face shape. Many people who have a recessive chin might look like they have a double chin because the fat from this area is more squeezed together. People with round face shapes are usually more prone to developing a double chin.

Poor Posture

Another thing that can cause a double chin even if you are skinny is bad body posture. People who slouch often and who constantly look down at their phones can experience sagging and weakening of chin and neck muscles. Loose muscles and skin can increase the visibility of a double chin.


With age, human skin loses collagen and, in effect, elasticity declines. The older you are, the less flexible your skin might become. Lowered elasticity of the skin around your chin can cause sagging in that area, and in effect, creation of a double chin.

Thyroid dysfunction

Hormonal problems are another common cause of a double chin. Many of them are determined by genetics as well. Not having enough thyroid hormones usually causes tiredness and can slow down your metabolism, causing you to gain more weight and fat. You can also experience fat gathering mostly in your neck area.

An underactive thyroid is also connected with swelling, puffiness, and fluid retention, which can enlarge your chin area.

Hypothyroidism usually causes weight loss, but you can still get a double chin while suffering with this problem. It happens because your thyroid is swelling, and that can create an appearance of a double chin.

Can I Remove My Double Chin?

A double chin can be an aesthetic problem for many and influence your quality of life by making you feel less confident. However, there are many ways to reduce it or even remove it. Here are some.

Manage the Main Issue

Before you start any type of treatment or exercising, make sure that you address the main issue. For example, if the cause of the double chin is poor posture, take more care about posture hygiene, and if it is caused by thyroid problems, consult a doctor on how you can manage it.

Surgical Methods

There are a few surgical ways to fix your double chin. Many people decide on liposuction from the neck area. During this procedure, the fat is removed from under your skin. Additionally, a surgeon can sculpt your chin contour. Liposuction is usually performed only under local anesthetic.

A face lift is a procedure during which a doctor removes the loose skin and fat from the neck area. This way, your skin can be more elastic and the double chin removed. This procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Another way to improve the look of your neck area is a neck-lift. This procedure is aimed to remove extra skin and tighten your muscles. In effect, you can enjoy improved contours. The downside of this procedure is that you might have a tight feeling in your neck for months.

While surgical procedures bring quick effects, they also come with some disadvantages. After all of the surgeries mentioned above, you might experience swelling for 10 to 14 days. Many of them have to be performed under general anesthesia, and for many people who suffer with serious health problems it can be risky. People who smoke and who are on anti-clogging medication are at a higher risk of bleeding.

Non-surgical methods

Fortunately, there are a few non-surgical methods that can help you reduce a double chin. While they need a little bit more time and consistency to bring effects, they are less risky than surgery and they offer long-lasting effects.

With the mewing technique, you can fix multiple body issues. It is famous for being able to change face appearance, for example, by enhancing the jawline. This method requires practicing the right tongue posture, which you can learn with a special app.

If you mew properly and regularly, you can not only improve your facial appearance, but also get rid of a double chin, even if you are skinny.

Another good way to reduce a double chin is performing neck stretches. You need to look up to the ceiling or the sky, and then put the top of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. In these exercises, you shouldn’t use excessive force. Simply repeat the tongue position at least 10 times, and then go back to your normal position.

Even though you are skinny, you might need to have a closer look at your diet. You might not want to lose weight, but if you have to get rid of your double chin, you probably want to reduce fat in your neck area. If you create a good diet and connect it with exercise, you can get rid of your double chin. Be sure that your diet involves a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy fats. Instead of palm oil or margarine, use olive oil. Be sure to avoid fried foods, processed food, fast food, and refined grains. Monitor your sugar and salt intake.




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