Can Growth Hormone Boosters Help You Grow Muscle Faster?

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Weight loss is a science for which a lot of factors come into play. A lot of individuals make the mistake of just assuming that the number on the scale is all that matters. As such, if they weigh themselves every day and find that they have lost a couple of pounds per week then everything is okay. However, you must keep track of how you are losing this weight, to ensure you are retaining muscle and shedding away pounds of fat instead. To achieve this, weight loss must be done healthily and sustainably. Extreme dieting where one eats only greens and no carbs and proteins will lead to weight loss, but it is not sustainable. It could even lead to the advent of illnesses. To achieve an ideal healthy weight, the best option is to engage in exercise routines that help one lose fat and develop muscle, which burns more calories.

Ways to increase muscle content

  • Resistance training: Cardio is an important aspect of weight loss and will lead to the burning of calories and loss of fat. However, for best results, it should be coupled with resistance training. This employs the use of weights, bands, and slow, controlled movements. It will help build muscle strength and increase the number of kilojoules burnt at rest. If you have never tried resistance training before, then consider getting a fitness coach or joining a gym, where you can slowly ease into the practice to avoid injury.
  • Eat enough protein: Protein is an important building block for gaining muscles. If you want to build muscle, you must ensure that you take in an adequate amount which allows your body to store enough protein that will consequently lead to larger muscles. Your body drains its protein reserves for other functions such as the creation of hormones. Therefore, incorporating enough protein into your diet is crucial for growth. Typically, you can reduce the number of carbs in your meals and instead replace them with more protein and a generous serving of vegetables.
  • Have an intake of supplements: Some studies show that supplements containing ingredients such as creatine or beta-alanine can help boost one’s muscle build-up. Both help to boost exercise performance since creatine improves muscle strength while beta-alanine reduces muscle fatigue. You are thus able to do heavier reps or exercise for longer periods, thus boosting muscle growth. You can also consider the use of growth hormone boosters, which can help you with muscle build-up. There are plenty of these hormones on the market, and you must perform research to make the right selection, or to find a good HGH supplement for sale. The real question however arises, can growth hormone boosters help you grow muscle faster? The truth of the matter is that they can. The HGH hormone is naturally occurring in humans and helps to boost growth for children suffering from poor stature or muscle growth. Adults can also use it to assist in muscle growth if taken in the right amounts and prescription. While it has not been approved by the FDA for supplementary use, studies have shown that it can aid in muscle growth. If these supplements are something that you would like to try, have a conversation with a medical practitioner, and ensure that you get legitimate products that do not have the risk of harming your body. Have a thorough look at the ingredient list also to ensure that the product does not contain any allergens.
  • Pay attention to the down phase of exercises: As mentioned earlier, weight loss is a science and requires smart techniques for best results. One of these techniques is holding in the tension when performing resistance training techniques such as weight lifting. When doing a bicep curl, for instance, people often focus their strength and energy when lifting the weight but then quickly release the tension. For faster growth, take your time when releasing the weight and hold the tension for a couple of seconds. This will produce better results.
  • Have rest days: In a bid to get faster results we are often tempted to go hard every single day of the week. This can however be counterproductive, as your muscles grow when your body is recuperating. You must ensure that you take time off in the week to rest. If you can, also, try and hit 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night, as it is at this time that your body recuperates thereby allowing your muscles to grow.




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