Can Pets Contribute To A Healthier Life?

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When it comes to enjoying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle there are plenty of things we can do. To enjoy a life free from stress, health conditions, and mental health issues we need to look at every avenue possible to ensure we are enjoying it to the max. Pets are often an addition to an individual or a family home and it’s not just because people think they’re cute. There are many more reasons we can delve into but the question to be answered is, can pets contribute to a healthier life? 

They Promote Exercise & Physical Health

One thing that is universally known is when you have a dog, it needs to go on a walk. One thing not as universally known is that humans need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

When we adopt a dog into our lives we commit to them to ensure their health and happiness is as good as it can be, but it’s not something we often do for ourselves. Taking the dog out for a walk every day is something that’s not only enjoyable for you but the dog also, which makes it easier to do as there is more than one party that benefits. 

Getting a dog promotes healthy living by physically forcing you out of the house to do the very basic task of caring for it, going for a walk. 

Assist With Mental Health

Many people feel lost and alone when living on their own, some struggle with talking about their feelings and even end up with severe mental health issues. Feeling as though there is no one to talk to or the thought that no one cares is a terrible place to be and can often drive people to never leave the house. 

A lot of people neglect their mental health and think it’s not as important as physical health but you shouldn’t be one of them. Getting a pet can assist greatly as they are emotional support animals and will act as the support you need to get you through the day. This can change the overwhelming feeling of being alone and transform it into one of confidence and ability. 

The brilliant thing about ESAs is that they come with certain rights that hold up in law, something other pets don’t have. You can fly with them and live with you in any rented accommodation as long as you provide an ESA letter. These furry friends help many people through anxiety-inducing situations on a daily basis so it’s hard to argue they don’t contribute to a healthy life. 

Pets Provide Purpose

Have you ever felt like you don’t have a purpose in your life? Maybe you feel as though you have no reason to get out of bed in the morning? This is a seriously unhealthy place to be and finding something that is going to give you purpose should be paramount. 

That’s where animals come in. Keeping an animal at home means you aren’t the only animal you need to look after so getting up and out of bed to give the dog it’s breakfast becomes a necessity. They are relying on you to provide for them in many ways. 

Just this feeling that another creature needs you for their survival is enough to take people from feeling lonely and without purpose to feeling fulfilled and gregarious.

It’s Great Fun 

In a world where work is so important to our survival, it’s important to remember that we are allowed to have fun. We spend so much time doing things for others and not for ourselves that we forget that fun things exist. When an animal is included in the situation it’s hard not to have fun, especially when you’re out on walks. 

Take a car ride to a new walking location or visit areas of natural beauty with a group of friends and your dog. You never know what’s out there until you explore. Getting an animal can reignite your inner explorer. 

It’s Comforting 

Sitting on the sofa watching a film is nice, but have you ever sat on the sofa watching a film with a cat purring away on your lap? It’s another level. The sound is comforting and the act of physical touch when you stroke them can really help calm you down and create a relaxed environment. 

Having any kind of animal is comforting as there’s always someone around waiting for interaction with you, whether that be a walk, a stroke, dinner time, or chilling on the sofa. 

It’s hard to argue against the fact that animals are good for human health, there are so many benefits that looking after a pet brings to the table. The fact  that you can get an animal classified as emotional support for people struggling with depression should be enough for anyone to see that they’re great for humans.




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