Can You Eat All You Want And Still Lose Weight?

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You might be scared. What if you get to eat whatever you want? Will you end up becoming obese.? However, the answer is No. Doing the required things can make you remove the excess waste of your body and then keep you in that best form you might be desiring.

The importance of food to humans has stepped out to be a great footmark in the well-being of our daily life. You do not expect to be healthy when you are not eating. You can still lose weight irrespective of what you eat daily, for instance. You can eat food made of chocolates such as cake and other food containing calories by reducing the amount consumed. Just doing this, some weight loss will happen, especially if you eat cakes a lot. 

Here are tips on how you can eat all you want and still lose weight;

1. Plan your meal

You can avoid eating excessive meals at a time when you stick to planning it out. For instance, you want to consume rice and a burger. However, you cannot be taking both foods at the same time. Instead, you need to eat one before another after some minutes or hour intervals. So you create a breakdown of all you want to eat for a particular duration that can guide your diet. It is also important you look at the recipe if they contain most of the features that make up a healthy, balanced diet, especially protein and fiber since they are most effective in losing weight after eating all you want.

2. Consume lots of protein and fiber

Eating a lot of protein meals plays an essential role in your health. So while eating all you want, ensure you get to add proteins and fiber. Also, when you eat food that has high protein like cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, corn, and beans, it helps to build your lean muscle, which ends up removing calories from the body. Many people know that a keto diet and keto pills can help burn fat; however, you can also eat more fibers while still eating all you want. Fiber like viscous fiber is highly effective in losing weight and, when taken, makes you full. Such types of fiber are oranges, oat cereals, and beans. By eating these with whatever you want, it helps to lose and maintain your weight.

3. Consume lots of water 

An essential factor such as water is vital to weight control because of the critical functions in the human body. Taking a cup of water before, during, and after eating reduces the amount of food consumed and keeps the body in good condition. For instance, you can decide to take foods naturally low in calories and contain more fluid. Such as vegetables, soups, hot cereals, and fruits is a very brilliant idea. Furthermore, you can try frequent fruits like pineapple, watermelon, apple, grapes after eating due to their water and high fiber content. These can also help you lose weight and aid digestion after consuming food.

4. Use of fat burning pills

The use of pills has been increasing lately for weight reduction since most people rely on them to lose weight. These pills function to burn out excess fat from the human body by reducing the body’s metabolic rate while lowering fat absorption—for example, a dietary supplement like fat-burning pills. The primary function of this kind of pill is to act as fat strippers and remove excess fat produced in the body. However, a fat burner pill can either be naturally made or artificially made. An example of a naturally occurring fat-burning pill most taken by people is caffeine. It can be in pill form or can be in coffee. Also, green tea extract and soluble fiber fall in this category. But artificial fat-burning pills are produced pharmaceutically and can be gotten from a drug store. Some of these fat-burning pills, such as PhenQ, LeanBean, TrimTone, are highly effective in losing weight while eating anything you want.  

However, excessive use of fat-burning pills within a short period might have some side effects. For example, a fat-burning pill like caffeine, containing active ingredients, and excessive use of drugs like this, can result in fluctuating blood pressure, high anxiety, and even damage your precious liver. But when using some of these pills, it can be a big game-changer for losing weight while you eat whatever you want.

5. Portion consumed 

The amount of food you consume also affects your weight. In order to lose weight, it would be best if you reduce the amount of food taken. Instead of filling your plate up with a large amount of food, you need to check out more about the nutritional value and recommendations on why such food is necessary. Doing this also helps control the number of calories consumed. For example, you might decide to eat a cake made of chocolate and other meals. You can then take a tiny portion of the cake. It will assist you in losing that additional weight. Most times, light and small pieces help to keep you off overeating. Thus, making you be in a sound body state and maintain healthy living while eating anything you want.

6. Exercising and good rest

Performing various types of exercise helps to burn out lots of calories. You can engage in some aerobic exercise whenever you are free. It might be taking a walk, jogging, swimming, or stretching. And if you are a person who doesn’t have much time due to work and other schedules, you can also use your stair in your home if you have one by walking up and down the stairs for at least some minutes. By doing this, you can lose weight while you get to eat lots of healthy food. Finally, ensure you get some rest, most especially at night. It helps to make you calm and also helps in losing weight. 

Losing weight, especially when you need to, is a good idea. But it is essential to ensure you get healthy food to keep your body highly refreshed. You can always eat as much as you want without bothering yourself with losing weight by following the tips in this article. Never forget, good food makes good well-being.




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