Chocolates, Nuts, and a Long Life

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Everybody knows that nuts are good for you. They are packed with goodness that it’s hard to think of anything bad about them, other than if you choke on one. But then, when it comes to a bar of chocolate, a lot of people believe it’s just a confection. Did you know that you can actually gain health benefits from eating chocolates, especially when it’s coupled together with nuts?

Why Nuts Are Healthy

Nuts have so much right about them that it’s almost ridiculous. Nuts contain monounsaturated fats, which are used in every muscle in your body to help them regenerate and grow stronger. This includes your heart, as well as the muscles that allow you to breathe, and the small muscles that work your colon to help you defecate. Fats are also an essential part of your energy levels because carbohydrates can only take you so far.

Nuts also contain protein, which is the basic building block of your muscles. While many people know that, they don’t always remember that the protein in the system can help with maintaining every cell in the body. One almost can’t get enough protein in one’s diet.

Fiber is also a significant ingredient in nuts. It’s obvious that nuts come from trees, as the outside of many types of nuts are actually made from wood. Once you get through the shell, however, the fibers inside the nuts help your stools to move swiftly and help to keep you feeling full for longer.

Why Chocolate Is Healthy

When you pick up some planters and have a snack, you’re enriching your health in a lot of ways. The chocolate contains a set of antioxidants that are called flavonoids. These flavonoids are great for lowering your blood pressure. Since hypertension (high blood pressure) kills a lot of people prematurely, keeping your blood pressure in check is a great way to live a longer life, in addition to living a healthier one.

There are other ways that chocolate, and, in particular, dark chocolate, can help you live that much longer. When you take in the flavonoids in dark chocolate, you lower your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, or of having a stroke. Since these are some of the worse killers of Americans, avoiding these fates by eating chocolate is one of the easiest healthy choices you can make.

Living Better and Longer

It’s great to live for a long time, but only if you can live well. There have actually been studies done suggesting that eating dark chocolate can help boost your memory. Since memory loss is a common problem that creeps in as a person ages, any edge to stave this off is a good thing.

Chocolate also tends to make people happy. This isn’t just about the sweetness or the crunch, but a medically tested phenomenon. People’s moods tend to get better when they take in some chocolate regularly.




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