5 Coffee Based Drinks You Should Try

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There are many coffee-based drinks today which are available on the market and each brand has its own appeal. Today many people cannot do without their favorite cup of coffee and sometimes it’s better to venture and see other drinks and what they have to offer. There are a wide variety of coffee-based drinks you can consume based on your location, time of the year, season or even events. New coffee-based drinks are also coming up where coffee connoisseurs are coming up with creative based drinks like the bone dry cappuccino and many others which are worth trying out.  Here are some of those coffee-based drinks you should consider checking out.

  1. Caffé Marocchino

This is a coffee-based drink which is originally from Italy and its ingredients make it one of the smoothest coffee drinks available. It is made by a combination of, milk, cocoa powder, and espresso. There are those who prefer to have milk added to it and others don’t, which is more of a personal preference. The Caffé Marocchino is added hot cocoa which makes it much sweeter and thicker especially as an evening drink. The most appealing this about this drink is its light brown color.

  1. Blanco Y Negro

This is another exquisite coffee-based drink which has been around for the last six years only. The drink which is suitable for the summer or a hot afternoon comprises of cold-brewed iced, vanilla bean ice cream, espresso granite. The most captivating thing about this drink is that the ice cream makes it very smooth and refreshing. The ice cream melts with each spoon and this creates a wide array of different coffee tastes.

  1. Macchiato

This is a popular coffee drink which has many variations going under the same name. However, the actual macchiato is pretty strong and that why most people like to soften it with some milk or cocoa. The actual ingredient of this drink is a double shot espresso coffee which is quite strong for most people. The people who do not like the bitterness can add some milk however for those who want the real caffeine kick then it is taken as it is.

  1. Expresso

This is one of the most popular coffee drinks across Europe and also America because it’s a drink which offers convenience. The other reason as to why this drink is popular is because it is packed with enough energy to last for hours. The drink comes in different sizes depending on the amount of caffeine you want in your system.

  1.    Cappuccino

This is without a doubt one of the most popular coffee drink across the world and most especially in Europe and America. This coffee drink is prepared using espresso coffee, steamed milk foam and hot milk. The drink is preferred hot and the milk foam helps in keeping the drink hot. The cappuccino makes the best morning or evening coffee drink which you can enjoy at home or on the go.





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