Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments Are On the Rise

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Studies have shown that more Americans are using Complementary and Alternative Medicine treatments. CAM is the combination of holistic medical practices with Western medicine. Common alternative treatments include yoga, chiropractor sessions, meditation, and dietary supplements or essential oils.

One third of Americans used some form of CAM in 1990, and by 2002, that number had doubled. Another study found that between 2012 to 2017, yoga, meditation, and chiropractor visits increased among U.S. adults. Even doctors today are implementing integrative plans that combine conventional methods like surgery with alternative treatments like dietary supplements. Furthermore, more organizations and insurance companies are covering these types of therapies.

There’s also been an increase in integrative medical clinics being established and companies spearheading holistic efforts with revolutionary technology. For example, the WaveLife Energy Cell helps treat onset and chronic pain with a safe patch that mimics the body’s natural vital fields to speed up the healing process. As CAM becomes more popular, we can expect new companies to focus on revolutionary products that aid and break conventional norms.

Rising Cost of Healthcare

One of the primary reasons Americans are turning to CAM solutions is because of the rising cost of healthcare. Over the next decade, the anticipated healthcare spend is around $6 trillion, compared to $3.5 trillion in 2017. At this rate, healthcare spend is expected to grow at a quicker pace than the economy. For those who struggle to meet the rising costs, alternative solutions may be the answer. After all, many Americans who engage in CAM practices report that they had an unmet medical need or waited too long to seek medical attention. As medical costs rise, CAM is becoming more affordable, and more providers are using CAM practices.

Other Increases in CAM practices

In addition to rising medical costs, there are other reasons why CAM is on the rise. Some of the factors include the assumption that natural remedies offer a safer alternative, as well as the cultural belief in traditional medicinal treatments (such as the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture). The essential oil market is a clear indicator of this. In 2018, its global market worth was $7 billion. By 2026, it’s projected to grow to $14.6 billion. As awareness grows surrounding the health benefits of naturally sourced oils, so does its market share. Not only is it used for medical purposes, but it is becoming much more commonplace in the food and beverage industry, spa industry, and cleaning industry.

CAM for Chronic Pain

Twenty percent of the American population suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately, the U.S. healthcare system hasn’t done a great job of controlling chronic diseases and the effects of traditional treatments, such as opioid addictions. Many people who suffer from chronic pain also take a cocktail of prescription pills that may have unknown and adverse effects between them, which is one reason why medical malpractice and misdiagnosis are so commonplace.

Chronic pain is one of the most troublesome issues medical practitioners are tasked with treating. The majority of existing options aren’t very effective at treating patients who experience higher levels of pain associated with various chronic diseases. This is especially true in today’s day and age, where stress and anxiety are at an all-time high and mental conditions result and manifest themselves as pain on the body.

“More Americans are looking for healthy ways to address pain management,” says Wellmann. “And sometimes, that means taking your health initiatives into your own hands, conducting more research, and trying more alternative treatment methods.”

The WaveLife Energy Cell utilizes scientific breakthroughs like Vital Fields and EMF to relieve body pain naturally. It’s able to achieve this by leveraging the natural, life promoting frequencies that come from our bodies.

“Even seemingly stationary objects are vibrating at a consistent speed,” says Wellmann. “Every organism and object projects its own energy through a natural electromagnetic vital field. These vital fields make it possible for living systems to transfer the energy necessary to repair and regenerate cells.”

Better Access to Natural Medicines

Lastly, increase in CAM usage can also be attributed to better access to natural medicines. As Western medicine grew to dominate the healthcare scene, natural medicines became less important over time as “miracle” drugs promised to cure compounded health issues. Recently, however, more people have reverted back to the pre-20th century days.

Vitamins, herbs, and supplements are readily available online and at your local health food stores. Meditation and yoga centers have sprung up left and right, with classes across the country offering donation-only sessions to those with financial issues. The proliferation of the Internet has made it possible for Americans to research the myriad of benefits associated with CAM treatments, and to seek help when needed.




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