Dentures vs. Implants: Which Ones To Get & Where

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Nobody likes having teeth problems, am I right? We get nervous just by thinking about getting a toothache, because it reminds us of that time when we got it and when we were in great pain. Toothache, however, is not the only problem that you can have with your teeth. You could actually be missing some, or you could have a few that are damaged so much that need to be removed.

Does that mean that you will have to spend the rest of your life without teeth in your mouth? Well, if these were the olden times, then losing teeth would definitely have such implications. Thankfully, we have faced a lot of great scientific developments and some of those are closely connected to our smiles. To cut right to the chase, there are solutions that you can nowadays use to restore your smile and avoid living without teeth.

For instance, there are dentures, and those were probably the first solution to this problem to appear in the industry. Then, there are also dental implants, which have appeared a bit later but which have proved to be more innovative and possibly more beneficial for certain patients. So, if you’re ready to fill those gaps, so to speak, the first thing you’ll need to do here is decide on dentures vs. implants. Read more about implants on this page.

Making this decision, however, won’t be easy, especially if you don’t really know much about either one of these solutions. Well, it is clear that this has to change and that you have to make up for the lack of knowledge. To put it differently, you need to do some learning so that you can be able to make the best choice. If you’re ready to learn, then you’ve come to the right place, since I’ll help you not only choose one of these solutions for you, but also figure out where to get those solutions.

Dentures vs. Implants

Let us take things one step at a time, though. I cannot start talking about the idea of choosing the right professionals to provide you with dentures or implants if you still don’t really know which one of these solutions you want to use for your problem. So, the very first thing that we absolutely need to do here is help you understand the differences between dentures and implants, as that will undeniably help you make your choice. Once you’ve made that choice, it will be time for you to start contacting the pros, but we will get to that a bit later.

As you might already know, dentures are those removable, prosthetic teeth that professionals will fit to your mouth. They can be complete sets, in case you want to replace all the teeth in one or both of your jaws. And, they can also be partial, in case you want to replace some of the missing teeth in your mouth. Another thing you should know is that these can be fitted to your mouth regardless of how much bone is actually left.

Bone is, on the other hand, quite an important factor when it comes to dental implants. This is because after your damaged root has been removed, a professional will basically drill a hole into your jawbone in order to place a metal, prosthetic, root that is called a post. After a while, i.e. after the bone has started growing around the post and after it has secured it to place, the post will be fitted with a crown.

As you can see, the procedure for dental implants is a bit more complicated and can take longer to be completed. Yet, it is definitely worth it, because this provides you with a permanent solution, while also leading to increased bite force. On top of that, dental implants are quite easily maintained, since you treat them just like your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing and regular checkups will do the trick.

The procedure for getting dentures, on the other hand, is a lot quicker. Yet, there are some limitations to this solution. For instance, you should never wear them overnight, and daily maintenance is much more complicated than with implants. Additionally, as your bite will change over time, dentures will need to be refitted on a regular basis.

So far, you’re probably leaning towards implants, and I get that. As you can see at, even the actual time necessary for the procedure can be shortened, meaning that you’ll be able to get beautiful and permanent teeth quickly. Before you decide, though, there’s one more thing I have to mention here. Implants are quite more expensive than dentures, which is probably one of the major reasons why some people still go for dentures. Still, if you can afford implants, they are a much better solution these days.

Which Ones To Get

The above differences should have helped you decide which ones to go for. If money isn’t an issue, you’ll probably want to get the implants. You should, however, know that not all patients are suitable for this specific solution, and that depends on the jawbone that’s left. So, the best thing to do is consult dental professionals and get their opinions as to which solution could be best for you. They will surely tell you everything you need to know and offer you the best solution.

Where To Get Them

Since I’ve mentioned that you should consult professionals and let them be the judge of what you should do, you’ve probably started wondering one thing. Which professionals should you consult and where should you get your implants or dentures after you make the decision? Well, the truth is that you’ll need to be careful when making this choice.

The great thing is that there are certainly a lot of amazing professionals that can offer you both of these services. You just need to do your best to find them. Thus, take your time to research various different dental experts, check their experience, qualifications, reputation and prices, and then make your choice accordingly.




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