Differentiation – The Key to Successful Dental Practice

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The success and failure of your dental practice lie not in competition but differentiation. If you are too worried that you may lose patients if you market your practice outside your locality, then that means you are offering the same thing as your competition. Even with an amazing marketing strategy, you can lose patients, and your clinic can suffer if you lack distinction in the services you offer.

Why should patients choose your orthodontic clinic over your competition’s? What specific or special orthodontic services do you offer? You should focus on these questions before you decide upon a marketing strategy. So if you are wondering how you can stand out among your competition, then continue reading for some tips.

1) Specialize in a particular area

First, you should specialize in one of the procedures that you offer. Once you are the best one in a particular field, then people will come to you from all over the place. People tend to search for the best dentist and not just anyone. You can survey the needs of people and focus on specializing in a field that will be well sought after. For instance, there is a need for solutions for chronic pain, misalignment, dentures, etc. So to stand out becomes the best solution for people.

2) Update and maintain your business model

Another way to differentiate is by changing the business model and focusing on your customers. Orthodontic dental clinics have operating hours that are centered around the dentist.

With such convenient hours, people will prefer your orthodontic dental practice over others, where they can easily schedule appointments after their work or on their day off. It is important to keep in mind that you need to put their convenience on top to attract customers. By increasing working hours and days, you can stand out from your competition. It is very important that you think outside the box so that you can create a unique brand identity.

3) Offer remarkable service and an unforgettable experience

To gain more patients and increase your target audience, you need to offer extraordinary orthodontic services. The amazing services and benefits offered by you will make people come to you instead of other clinics. So to do your marketing, success first makes your place among your competition, and then focus on your marketing strategy.

Only then will your marketing work, and you will be able to gain patients. If you are having difficulty expanding your clinic, then you can go to hip.agency/ to expand and build your orthodontic brand.

4) Utilize technology

Technology can help speed up your tasks by streamlining your managerial tasks. Technology allows you to stay in contact with your patients and team members. It allows you to build strong relationships with your clients by sending automated emails, newsletters, and messages with information regarding health and practical steps on how to improve it.

You can create social media accounts on different platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It allows you to advertise your services, gain clients, increase your popularity and demand and build a brand identity.

5) Build strong relationships based on trust

It is very important to build brand trust. According to statistics and data collected by surveys, around 14% of Americans hesitate to go to dentists because of fear and anxiety. It is very important to keep in touch with your clients and send them thoughtful messages and informative content to reduce their fear and remove their doubts about dentists and dental procedures.

6) Enhance your customer service

Nothing pushes a patient away more than horrible customer service. Nobody likes waiting in line for hours. It is very important to work on your customer service. By offering services during hours your competitors do not offer, you can pacify your clients and increase your number of patients. Additionally, incorporating AI technologies into your customer service can further enhance the overall experience. To learn more about how to implement AI-powered customer service solutions, you should explore this complete guide on conversational AI or seek guidance from industry experts. Embracing AI in customer service can not only improve operational efficiency but also foster stronger patient relationships, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your dental practice.

Also, if you get caught up in other work and cannot reach your appointment, your office manager should inform your clients beforehand and reschedule their appointment. Do not keep your patients waiting.

7) Select the right location

The location has a huge impact on the success of your business. Dental practices and clinics that lie in close proximity have to compete with each other. The location of your dental practice affects the size and the type of customers you get. 

The location has long-term effects are must be given considerable thought before finalizing. The disadvantages of a poor location can be very difficult to overcome. In order to access your dental practice’s location, you need to create a local proximity map that helps you identify all your competitors on a map. 

8) Know your competitors

The number of clients decreases when you are very close to your competitors. There are two types of closeness, including geographical and strategic. You can check the geographical closeness on the location-proximity map.  Dental practices that are close to each other both geographically and strategically. If your dental practice is located in the same building as your competitors is the worst sort of rivalry. However, if your dental practice is in a building with other different services, then there is less threat.

9) Train your dental assistants

You should give your dental assistant more responsibility as they can help grow your business. If your dental assistant is well trained and has all the required certifications, then they can take x-rays, conduct coronal polishing, and apply sealants. This will save the time of your hygienist and simplify your dental work. It will allow you to accommodate more patients. Your dental assistants are a great asset that can help you enhance customer service and improve your client relationships. But before they can do it, they will need proper training and guidance. Another option is to outsource with a service like My Mountain Mover that pre-trains its virtual dental assistants.

In conclusion

Once you have done this, you should target an audience that will benefit from your specialty. It may be working families who only have the weekend off, or it may be those who need your solutions. Once you identify your target audience, you must let them know about your differentiation and what sets you apart from the other orthodontic dental practices.

To make your dental clinic a success, you need to become the go-to place within your locality and even outside it. No matter what strategy you use, you should aim to become the best and stand out among the others to be your target patients’ first and final choice.




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