Eating Right to Attain Your Ideal Body

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Have a fitness goal? or a new year resolution to attain your ideal healthy body?

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t easy. Your weight is affected by many factors like age, gender, genetics, lifestyle, etc. But, if you want an ideal body two most important things that you have to consider and work on are Food and Exercise.

Why do we put so much importance on a healthy body or an ideal body? Well, although we support body neutrality, there is no denying that your weight affects your health and vice versa. Having a normal BMI is always appreciated in health and fitness. If you are unhealthy or have some health issues you can gain or lose weight, and if you are overweight or underweight you can develop some health issues.

Also having a good body boosts confidence, plus if you’re physically healthy you’ll be mentally healthy as well; ever heard of “a healthy body accommodates a healthy mind.”

So, how to attain your ideal weight and be healthy?

First thing first, we aren’t saying that if you don’t have an ideal body you aren’t healthy, or if you have an ideal body you are healthy. But, if you have an ideal weight you are MORE LIKELY to be healthier than an underweight or overweight person.

Attaining your ideal body isn’t easy but not impossible either. As we said, two things that you have to pay attention to are Food and Exercise. What do you eat and are you active or not?

Being Active

We can go on and on about the benefits of exercising. Exercising keeps you fit and maintains a healthy weight. But, if you are physically active you don’t necessarily have to exercise. Walking, running, a little bit of yoga,  some weight lifts, jumping jacks, etc, are enough sometimes.

Still, just exercising or being active is not going to give you an ideal body. Eating healthy is very crucial too, and that’s where our main focus is.

So, let’s talk about food.

Eating healthy for ideal weight

Mindful eating. Heard of this term before? Most likely you have. But, do you know what it means?

It means being mindful of what you are eating and how it is going to affect your health and body. If you pay attention to your eating habits, you’ll be able to achieve all your health goals.

These are some eating tips to maintain weight:

Calorie Ratio

Calorie Ratio is how many calories you eat versus how many calories you burn.

So, we measure energy in calories. When you eat something it gives you some amount of energy. For example, if you eat an egg it will give you about 55-80 calories. When you do something and put energy into it, you lose or burn calories. If you don’t do anything you just store the calories in form of fat, carbohydrates, etc.

This means if you keep on eating and do not put these calories to work, you are going to gain weight.

And if you use your calories more than you take, you are going to lose weight.

That’s why following the calorie Ratio is essential.

Nutritional Intake

But, Don’t just blindly follow the calorie ratio.

Make sure your diet is enriched with nutrients like; protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, healthy fat, etc. Because energy is not sufficient we need nutrients too for various functions of the body. Try to cut out on unnecessary fat and carbs.

These nutrients also give you strength to exercise and other physical activities. Therefore when a fitness trainer gives you a diet plan they include every nutrient.

Foods like egg, fruits, vegetables, milk, wholegrain or multigrain, sprouts, lentils, and more are very healthy and rich in nutrients except if you are allergic to anyone.

However, sometimes food is not enough to get these nutrients in your diet for various reasons. Therefore there are many options, like health bars, protein shakes and nutritional supplements. The best thing is, the health bars reduce your likelihood of choosing unhealthy options when busy while nutritional supplements help pick up the shortfall for additional vitamins and minerals.

USANA could be an option to consider for additional supplementation. USANA is a world renowned, global nutritional manufacturer. You can have their snack bars and protein shakes anytime, anywhere. USANA products make personalized cellular nutritional supplements so you can choose what your body needs most without consuming unnecessary fat, carbs, and calories.

Healthy Snacking

When it comes to diet, following a three-meal diet is a norm for young adults; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But sometimes we get hungry in between meals and we eat packed food which isn’t healthy. If you follow a healthy meal diet and then you proceed to eat unhealthy snacks; that’s not good.

Always cling towards healthy snacks. Yes! Snacks can be healthy and tasty too like USANA products. and even if you skip meals because of your diet these products manage your nutritional intake.

So, eating healthy snacks is essential.

Eat Slowly And Eat Only When Hungry

Eating three meals a day is not necessary. Yes, you can eat three meals if you keep a check on your calories. But, if you eat fewer meals you are less likely to get overweight. However, that doesn’t mean when you eat you can go all in, you still have to maintain a calorie ratio.

Also, eat slowly, if you eat faster you eat more which means you intake more calories. Therefore eat slowly. Usually, we should chew our food at least 32-35 times. This helps us with digestion as well.

Underweight people can eat more, but again eating blindly isn’t healthy. So, they also have to follow these tips.

Eat More Essential Foods and Reduce Fat and Carbs

Fat and carbohydrates are essential but they should be taken in measure. Too much of something is not good. Besides, eat healthy fats and carbohydrates like omega-three fatty acids, fiber starchy food, etc. Cut out on sugar, unhealthy oils.

Include more fiber, protein, calcium, and micronutrients in your food.

Fruits and vegetables are always friends. They’ll never hurt you. Never. Unless you are allergic.

Juices, smoothies, and shakes are tasty and hydrating.

Drink water

This might be a minor tip but very crucial. A young adult has to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day. So, always hydrate your body.


It takes a lot of effort and patience to achieve your ideal body, regardless it is not impossible. Exercise and eat healthy; you’ll get there. Eat healthy food and eat it healthily.




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