Health benefits and facts of Eel fish

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Health benefits and facts of Eel fish Quick Facts
Name: Health benefits and facts of Eel fish
Scientific Name: Anguilla rostrata
Origin Mostly found on Eastern Coast of North America
Colors Olive green, greenish to yellow, brown
Shapes Elongated, slender, snakelike body with small and pointed head; Length: 1.22 m (4.0 ft)
Calories 375 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Vitamin A (258.29%)
Vitamin B-12 (191.67%)
Isoleucine (103.65%)
Lysine (103.23%)
Tryptophan (95.68%)
Health benefits Skin health, Formation of DNA, Regeneration of cells and tissues, Bone health, Assist digestion
More facts about Health benefits and facts of Eel fish
Anguilla rostrata is an eel species belonging to the family Anguillidae having body like snake with a mucous layer. It is mostly found on Eastern Coast of North America. It could reach 1.22 m (4.0 ft) long and measures upto 7.5 kg or 17 lb. The body is elongated, slender with small and pointed head. The teeth are small, setiform or pectinate. The body is olive green, greenish to yellow, brown with small, cycloid and rudimentary scales. It has got thick and slimy skin and light gray or white belly. It feeds on aquatic insects, crustaceans and small insects. They could be found in large streams and rivers. Its predators are large fish, fish eating birds and other eels. American eel could live upto 25 years old. Anguilla rostrata is also known as glass eel, elver, anguille, bronze eel, black eel, green eel, glass eel, river eel, yellow eel, silver eel, american eel, common eel and fresh water eel.


This eel was firstly believed to be American and European eels were same as it resembles similar behavior and appearance. But it varies in the chromosomes count, various genes and vertebrae numbers. A. rostrata HAS 103 to 110 whereas A. anguilla has 110 to 119. The spawning grounds of these two species overlap. A. rostrata is westward more in comparison to A. Anguilla. The spawning of American eel occurs in Yucatan Peninsula. After it spawns to Sargasso Sea it moves to west. American eels exits in Gulf Stream most early in European eel and migrates in estuaries ahead East coast of North America in between February and Late April.

Nutritional value

159 grams of cooked Eel fish is loaded with 375 calories, 94.3 grams of moisture, 37.6 grams of protein, 23.77 grams of total lipid fat and 2.86 grams of ash. Rich in nutrients, it grants 258.29% of Vitamin A, 191.67% of Vitamin B12, 103.65% of isoleucine, 103.23% of lysine, 95.68 % of tryptophan, 93.69% of threonine, 91.71% of valine, 89.85% of histidine, 82.68 % of leucine, 75.20% of protein, 67.91% of total lipid fat, 62.86% of phosphorus, 44.59% of niacin, 30.09% of zinc, 24.25% of thiamin, 24% of selenium, 12.75% of iron and 11.81% of potassium.

Health benefits of Eel fish

Mostly it is consumed in Europe, United States, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, China and other countries as well. Aside from its distinct flavor, it offers various health benefits. Eel fish helps to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and chances of arthritis. It enhances the development of brain, good eyesight and functions of nervous system.

  1. Skin health

Vitamin A helps to eliminate toxins and free radicals that could damage the skin. It maintains the skin soft and supple by retaining the moisture, prevent dryness and skin conditions such as psoriasis. (1)

  1. Formation of DNA

Cobalamine is essential for the formation of DNA in the body. Vitamin is vital for the process of cell division. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 leads to the formation of megaloblasts in the body which could lead to anemia as well. (2)

  1. Regeneration of cells and tissues

The cells and tissues needs to be renewed for the maintenance of hair, nails and skin. The cells in the skin, digestive system and blood begin to perish in a week. This requires the cells replenishment in order to replace the old ones. Protein is used to produce the cell regenerative medicines. (3) (4) (5)

  1. Bone health

Phosphorus is essential for the process of growth and maintains teeth and bones. It is related to form strong bones from the normal wear and tear. It promotes the gum health as well as the enamel of tooth. It provides relief from the serious ailments such as loss of mineral density and bone loss. The study shows that phosphorus is associated with heart health. (6) (7)

  1. Assist digestion

Vitamin B assist in the function of human digestive system, nerves, healthy appetite and maintains glowing skin. (8)

  1. Enhance cognition

The research shows that zinc has positive effect in mental health. Along with Vitamin B6, it stimulates the function of neurotransmitters in the body. The additional zinc maintains the function of health and assist in healing purpose. (9)

  1. Treat Alzheimer’s

Thiamine slows down the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. The intake of 100 mg of Vitamin B1 supplements is effective for the Alzheimer’s patients. (10)

  1. Hemoglobin

Iron is essential for the formation of hemoglobin which provides dark shade to the blood and assists to transport oxygen in the body. Extra hemoglobin is essential as the blood is loosed through internal or external injuries. (11) (12)

  1. Lowers stroke

Potassium is essential for the brain function. High concentration of potassium transports oxygen to brain and stimulates neural activity. It prevents the stroke occurrence in the brain. It performs as vasodilator which relaxes blood vessels in the body. It assists the free flow of blood by preventing clot. (13)

  1. Constipation

Magnesium alleviates constipation. This provides laxative properties to relax intestinal muscles. It smoothen the bowel movements by softening the stool. (14)


  • The blood of Eel fish is harmful to humans.
  • It has mercury which might be harmful for infants, pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Mercury may have subtle effects on the developing nervous systems of infants.

How to Eat         

  • It is mostly fried, pickled or smoked.
  • It is used in Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Other Facts        

  • Female lays up to 4 million of buoyant eggs in a year and dies after laying eggs.
  • Over 400 species of eel fish exists.
  • It survives in both fresh water and salt water.






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