10 things every employee should expect from their company for a healthy life

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Your daily job isn’t just a means for income. For all of the working-class people, our working environment is one of the important places in our life. It is the place where you bring in your creativity and talent. For a place that we spend the majority of our day at, there are certain expectations that workers anticipate in return.

1. Healthy working environment – A productive office is where in which there is a healthy working rapport between the associates. When the environment is one in which there is mutual respect for each and every employee and which fosters the growth of everyone, that environment can be said to be healthy. Productivity thrives in such places, and employees will themselves feel good about coming to work every day. Hence it is very important to have a healthy work environment for the employees.

2. Healthy food – Food plays a major role in every human being. When you are working hard, your body must also be provided with the necessary sustenance to keep it a well-oiled machine. Most companies these days have understood the growing importance of a balanced diet in the productivity of its employees, and have come forward with providing varied dining options at their office places. Providing clean, healthy and tasty food is definitely the most important thing a human needs.

3. Gym/exercise room – A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a lot of health problems for employees. With most jobs involving sitting in front of a computer 9-5 with no exercise and movements whatsoever, it leads to a lot of cholesterol-related and other health ailments in the long run. For most employees, it might be difficult to hit the gym after working hours. Providing a great gym facility and creating awareness about exercise and fit body will not only help employees lead a healthy life but also improves the productivity of them. Competitions and matches will also create more friendships among employees while promoting fitness.

4. Group Medical insurance – Despite providing healthy food and gym services, there can still be unfathomable health-related issues that can befall employees, such as accidents, unforeseen surgeries etc. Providing group medical insurance to employees can help them navigate through such tough situations. It would provide a sense of security among employees while also creating a better sense of loyalty towards the company.

5. Healthy work-life balance – As the old saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, it is equally important to respect an employe’s work-life balance. Forcing employees to work overtime and on holidays without any compensation can make employees hate their job. If they are forced to miss out on life’s important moments, it can lead to unhealthy family relations which can, in turn, create mental stress on the employee. All of this will eventually lead to decreased productivity.

6. Good leave policies – Apart from giving sick leaves, it is also important to provide employees with casual leaves and mandatory yearly vacation leaves. When employees have to work constantly with no breaks, it can create a mundanity and reluctancy towards work. Giving breaks in between to attend personal family functions or going on vacations can rejuvenate an employee’s mind. It will create a much-needed break from work and can help them recharge their batteries.

7. Appreciation for good work – Most employers forget this one very important aspect of the work culture – to appreciate the good work employees have done. Every organisation always provide necessary critiques to employees to better their work but most miss out on congratulating them when they have done a good job. Appreciating good works through awards, compensation or even a mention in meetings can help create a sense of achievement in employees, thereby increasing the sense of loyalty towards the organisation.

8. Promote healthy family life culture – A man is inherently a mixture of his family members. Family must be the first and foremost thing for the employees. They must never be forced to choose work over their family. Creating events in the organisation involving the family members of the employees, kids-day-out the office, providing daycare facilities etc can go a long way in improving an employees core values. Satisfied employees are the key to the growth of an organisation.

9. Room for growth – Every employee comes to an organisation with a desire to learn and grow. The organisation must constantly innovate themselves to provide more challenging work to their employees so that they never feel saturated in their work environment. Most employees resign their job because they feel they aren’t using their maximum potential. Hence it becomes important to understand each employees strengths and leverage them to the organisation’s benefit.

10. The freedom to fail – It is only through failures that we learn. If organisations take strict actions against even the slightest of failures, employees might feel overwhelmed about the job. This could even lead to malpractices to achieve targets. It is always best to provide a safe environment where there is enough room for failure and one in which employers can motivate the employees to get-up, dust off and start with a rekindled spirit.

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