Facts to Know About Acne and Its Treatment

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Have you ever had a problem with acne? It’s so annoying and nearly impossible to get rid of them. You can only mask the face with solutions that will make your face look better but won’t solve the problem.

Billions of adults and kids globally cope with this problem daily. Although it doesn’t affect their health in more serious ways, acne does affect your self-confidence and happiness. Indirectly it can be a reason for severe illnesses because the stress produced by knowing you have acne is easily transferred onto other organs in your body.

If you’re coping with acne, this article is for you. We’re talking more about the problems with acne, a couple of facts everyone should know, and how to handle the problem. There are solutions, so keep reading and find out more about them.

1. Acne is a problem caused by oil glands and hair follicles

Most people are not aware of what acne is. The problem is caused by oil glands that overproduce and cause a blockage on the skin’s surface when combined with the dead skin cells. This blockage prevents hair follicles from getting out on the surface, turning into a pimple.

These pimples are known as acne. Your body may have a precondition or is genetically predestined to cause this type of problem. The hormones control your oil glands, so the only thing to do is get some therapy. However, most doctors won’t allow this because it will affect other organs too, and that may cause serious health conditions.

2. It’s more common than you’d think

This phrase will look: Did you know that between 40 and 50 million Americans cope with acne? Nearly 100% of teenagers will face this problem, but the acne problem may occur at any age of life and become a problem for people regardless of their age. A good solution to solve the problem of acne is to visit an Aesthetics clinic in Singapore.

Talking about it is an excellent idea since it affects everyone. Some stats say it affects three out of four people between 11 and 30. That means it is most likely nearly all young people around you are having problems with it. They are all trying to solve it somehow, and they are all facing the same problem.

3. Birth control pills are most likely to cause acne

One way to cause acne is by consuming contraceptive pills. These pills are known to cause the problem, or if you already have it as a condition, it may worsen. If you’re facing this issue, you need to look for post-birth control acne treatment and make sure you solve the problem.

Contraception pills alter the hormones inside our bodies, and they cause all sorts of changes. One of the many changes you’ll see is acne. Luckily, there are solutions to the problem, but you still need to think about the value of taking contraceptives compared to the results coming afterward.

4. There are four different types of acne

Did you know that there are four different types of acne? It’s not just one, but you may get one or more different ones. The six types are blackhead and whitehead acne, papules and pustules, and finally nodules and cysts.

They differ between each by their sizes, looks, and severity. The first ones are the most common, and they are treated easily, if not left to pass alone, while the last ones might even need surgical procedures to take them off before creating something worse.

5. Sun exposure may be beneficial for your acne

Staying 10 to 20 minutes under the sun can benefit your acne. Vitamin D we get from the sun can significantly reduce acne symptoms, but staying longer may irritate your skin and leave it permanently damaged, which will only make it easier for acne to build up. Also, wearing sunscreen is a must no matter how long you’re sun gazing.

6. Even the best morning and evening cleaning routine won’t help

Since oil glands and dead skin cells cause the problem, some people think that washing off these dead skin cells will solve the problem. Although staying unhealthy and never washing may worsen the problem, it’s worth noting that obsessive washing and cleaning won’t prevent acne.

Dead skin cells stay under the surface, and you can’t reach them with a simple wash. All you can do is take off the dirt and buildup accumulated during the day and while you were sleeping. However, a simple water wash can’t solve the main problem.


These five facts are something every person coping with acne should know. If you read carefully, you now know what causes acne, how common it is around us, how you can treat it, and what it means to have it. Acne is entirely normal, and it should be a taboo topic. Openly talk about it, and don’t be ashamed of it.





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