Feeling and Sleeping Better with the Help of Melatonin

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How does the Sleeping mechanism work?

Sleep is one of the primary needs of our body, which plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy, fresh, and steady throughout the day. Getting sufficient sleep what makes life healthy, considering physical and mental health. This enhances the quality of life on a whole. Sleep majorly benefits our physical health. It’s like a refilling moment for our internal organs and healing tissues, heart, and blood vessels, thus making the blood circulation perfect and efficient. Also, it reduces the chance of internal body diseases like blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes, among others.

Now the human body follows a specific pattern, a rhythmic cycle of sleep. It works like an internal clock where the brain wakes up the body and knows when to set it off as well. A hormone, namely Melatonin, actually does this. There are pineal glands located in the brains that secrete the Melatonin hormone, which essentially looks after the sleep and wake mechanism. The internal body clock is also known as a circadian rhythm that propagates the information needed to create this hormone, which has a direct impact on sleep timings. Also, it depends on the quantity of light a person is exposed to every day. Usually, melatonin secretion starts as the sunlight goes down, by late evening, and secretes heavily during the dark. Again by dawn, the level starts going down, which essentially tells the brain that it’s time to wake up. So during winters, the days are short. Hence, melatonin secretion could increase, making us more likely to hit the bed soon. Hence, external environmental entities like light and food have an incredible impact on our sleeping mechanism, as far as the source for Melatonin is concerned.

Sleeping benefits

As we have understood, sleep helps us regain our power and charge up the body that can put ourselves back on track, get ready, and stay prepared to face the world every day. Studies have shown that sleep has a huge contribution to our immune system, memory system, learning, metabolism, and other crucial body functions. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of having a good healthy sleep:

  • Healthy Heart – The heart functions on blood circulation throughout the body, mostly pumping in and pumping out. Less sleep weakens the blood flow and deteriorates the cholesterol levels; hence, more prone to heart diseases or even strokes. A good 7-9 hours of sleep can take out all that worry.
  • Stress- Free – A good sleep makes the mind fresh and eventually takes out the stress by reducing the stress related hormonal secretion.
  • Improve Memory – A good quality sleep acts as a catalyst in terms of improving memory. During physical sleep, the brain actually does all pre and post-processing tasks by connecting the dots between receptors, senses, events, feelings, and so on. It makes it easy to connect when we wake up.
  • Repairing – Sleep helps in repairing the cells and tissues which are basically the building blocks of human life. Eventually, the whole routine activity gets reflected and rectified.

Melatonin Usage

Now that we know what hormonal activity we need to lead a healthy life, we should also keep in mind about this supplement, namely Melatonin. It’s available in 20 mg doses and can be taken in the prescribed amount for better results. Doctor’s consultation is a must here. Let’s go through a few of the features and usage of this medicine:

  • Melatonin’s key input is to regulate the body’s sleep cycle. However, recent studies have also shown that it might also have an impact on cellular growth on potential areas of lung, kidney, and breast tissues.
  • It’s available in 20 mg dosages. Lower doses work on sleep cycles and higher doses on hormonal support activities. The Dietician will prescribe accordingly based on the conditions as a variation in the dose will reflect on the body differently.
  • This product is hypoallergenic, which means, it’s not very prone to side effects and any sort of allergic reactions post-consumption. Also, it’s gluten-free and vegan raw ingredients. Primarily, it has 20 mg melatonin, with hypoallergenic plant fibers and vegetarian cellulose water.
  • Also, it can be used as antioxidants, which basically look after the cells against free radicals and molecules when the body digests food inside the stomach.  
  • There could be multiple ways of consuming this supplement based on the need and instructions given. Some might prefer taking it directly under the tongue like for insomnia. Sometimes, it can be applied in the skin to protect against sunburn harms. It can also be infused directly into the veins for heart attacks, or even into muscles to treat cancers.




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