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The soap market is a fairly crowded industry with a large number of producers. Steve and Regina Bauscher, a husband and wife duo from Ohio, manufacture natural skin care products with raw goat’s milk from their Certified Humane goat farm. To establish themselves and set their business apart from other soap brands, Honey Sweetie Acres utilizes the highest quality ingredients, harnessing their expertise in soap making, aromatherapy and overall clean skin care.

They have sought numerous accreditations, including additional education on skin anatomy and function. Additionally, they conduct quality control and provide honest and total disclosure with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

The objective of Honey Sweetie Acres is to provide individuals organic, hygienic, and long-lasting skin-friendly options for their skin issues. They specialize in the therapeutic use of essential oils and aromatherapy.

They actively pursue and inspire people who have skin problems to speak with them. They recommend different products and solicit feedback on results. Skin care that “works”, is the driving force and motivation behind every business decision.

Their goal is to distinguish their products from the myriad of Goat Milk Soap and Holistic Skin Care manufacturers. Both in regards to components and soap-making abilities, they are exceptional. Both their products and their goat herd have achieved multiple awards.

They don’t possess the promotional money that mainstream manufacturers do, but they go above and beyond to make the greatest bar conceivable. Their soaps have a 97 percent customer return rate and five-star evaluations after customers sample their items.

Usage of raw goat milk

Natural alpha hydroxy acid dissolves the natural glue that holds dead skin cells in place. This aids in the elimination of dead tissue. If dead skin is not removed, it can accumulate over time, giving a weathered and aged appearance.

Individuals with dermatitis, rashes, sensitivities and eczema have reported that soap made with pure goat’s milk has helped reduce redness, peeling, and irritation. Commercial name brand soaps are made with multiple types of sodium as base ingredients. These commercial compounds dry the skin leading to flaking, cracking and winter itch.

Honey Sweetie Acres’ Goat Milk Soap is skillfully handcrafted. The soaps are made from  non-GMC raw ingredients, including organic food grade oils and pure,high-butterfat goat’s milk. Their recipe is highly conditioning and supports the barrier function in your skin. Your skin will feel both smoother and softer using goat milk soap. Customer reviews attest to the positive changes that users find after using goat milk soap.

The cream concentration of the Honey Sweetie Acres goat milk is nearly three times more than any other goat species, and the distinction can be felt in the soaps. Since fresh, unfermented milk is used, all fats, peptides, triglycerides, and acids and their therapeutic characteristics remain in the finished result. 

A lot of consumers are concerned about animal cruelty and they need not worry. At Honey Sweetie Acres, their animals are valued like family. They have pursued the highest accreditation from Certified Humane, an organization dedicated to proper animal care.

Incomparable soap making process

Honey Sweetie Acres has a unique soap-making process, which is exclusive and completely natural. Every batch’s contents are measured, combined, and blended by hand.

They make soap using the cold-process technique, which means no heat is ever applied. This aids in the preservation of essential nutrients. All soaps are also aged for at least six weeks in a dark, cold, and dehumidified atmosphere in a dedicated curing room.

Quality control checks are performed for proper drying, remnant pH, aroma consistency, and weight/density before being packaged for distribution. They will not make compromises on soap purity in order to hasten manufacturing.

Periodic Testing of Goat Milk Lotion

Honey Sweetie Acres follows the FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. This means that lotions need to be periodically tested to ensure that they are safe to use and that the consumer is protected from microbes, fungus, mold or mildew.  Sample products are sent to an ISO-accredited third-party testing facility for evaluation.

Honey Sweetie Acres posts the results of testing on their website for complete transparency.  Their goat milk lotions continually test out as clean and free of microorganisms. 

High-quality organic ingredients

The handcrafted goat milk soaps from Honey Sweetie Acres are packed with organics and natural botanicals for dry, dehydrated skin. Natural alpha hydroxy acids, Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as many B vitamins, are found in goat’s milk soaps, which function as antioxidants and accelerate cell regeneration.

Organic coconut oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, organic raw cocoa butter, organic hydrating shea butter are part of every bar.  Botanicals such as real avocado puree, real pumpkin and real blueberries are also used in specialty soaps.   Pure, clean essential oils provide natural aromas with therapeutic benefits.

Several accolades for their extraordinary products

Honey Sweetie Acres, an EWG verified brand.  Five of these soaps hold the certification out of 60 bars nationally.  They have cleared two Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Makers Guild rigorous exams as well as soap analysis & assessments.

They are certified by Leaping Bunny, the international standard that prohibits the exploitation of animals in the development of commercial and domestic products. As Certified Humane Raised and Handled® goat milk soap manufacturer, the well-being of their veterinary records have been assessed, as well as the overall care for the goats.

A bi-monthly newsletter offers value to subscribed customers, plus an educational blog is available on their website.

Honey Sweetie Acres is available online in all 50 states.  They have received the Better Business Torch Award for Exemplary Business Ethics in 2021.

The above article demonstrates how Honey Sweetie Acres can be set apart from other goat milk soap brands. They are unique in every way, and their product demonstrates impeccable quality for all the aforementioned reasons. Whenever you think skincare, think Honey Sweetie Acres! You won’t be disappointed!




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