Glo Programs that Anyone Can Include at Home

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Yoga is about empowerment, grace, and exploration. With the advent of the Internet, we would be at a loss to not leverage technology that helps fulfill our yoga practice. Tailoring yoga for individuals does not need to be challenging. Glo created a resource for everyone seeking a deeper yoga experience.

About Glo

Glo develops intelligent tools for a better life. It is a company centered around yoga as a lifestyle. There are a range of tools and experiences for people at every level. Glo helps anyone achieve their yoga goals from anywhere and does it at a high level. It is not just a collection of yoga videos. Glo brings together some of the best industry professionals. The Glo yoga app is as much about developing a yoga network as anything else.

Learn Yoga Anywhere

Yoga is a journey. It can be made simple for new practitioners and increasingly challenging for more advanced ones. Glo offers over 3,000 videos that its members have access to watch while performing yoga at home. The courses detail both what has become known as traditional yoga in the West, as well as, the more studious practices of deep meditative yoga. Experts lead courses that challenge us at every level. You can learn the intricacies that are often left out of brick-and-mortar scheduled classes, such as, the anatomy of the chakras. Teachers can even expand upon their trade. 

Benefits of Yoga at Home

Glo is designed to fit the lifestyles of real people. The company creates a learning environment. Yoga at home is as much about convenience and time-savings as it is about learning proper methods. With Glo, you gain an online teaching environment where anyone can reach their full potential. Learn at your own pace and as your busy schedule permits.

Overcome the Challenges Associated with Yoga

There are many challenges that prevent us from realizing our true yoga potential. Some are things that we can develop within ourselves. Others pertain to the world around us. Glo helps achieve a high-level yoga practice that can:

  • Nurture inner desires
  • Develop knowledge of proper techniques
  • Learn to listen to ourselves more closely
  • Comat busy lifestyles
  • Overcome community stigmas
  • Ascend beyond the material constraints of an agressive world

Our world often advances at incredible speeds. Many people would have found this statement to be relevant years ago. Today, given the speed of technological innovation, ascending our personal yoga development is a real challenge. It does not need to be.

Examples of How Glo Fits Your Busy Schedule

Do yoga on your own time. Some people find dedicating practice time best fits their morning schedule. Others, prefer to have completed their day before exploring their inner selves. Yoga at home with Glo fits either lifestyle. It is designed to replace, and/or adjunct, the rush of fitting in yoga at the gym. Think about how much better yoga can be when it does not stress our schedules.


Yoga is about listening and exploring what our inner being wishes to express. It is a transcendent practice of self-discovery. Glo is there for us as we develop in our journey. It provides guidance, empowerment, affirmation, and a creative community. Each of these gifts are deeply tied to yoga. Glo shows individuals how to best reach the goals that they have for themselves today. Know that yoga will grow with you and that the support you choose should as well.




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