Why is Global Warming Becoming The Most Discussed Problem of the 21st Century?

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Melting Glaciers. Rising sea levels. Species dying off and getting extinct. Root cause? Global warming. Every news channel that we flip, everywhere that we look, we see the impacts of global warming and climate change. The health of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe is being affected negatively due to climate change.

The harmful effects of global warming are everywhere, making it the most discussed issue of the 21st century. Ever came across a global warming essay? Of course, you have. We have read a lot of free essay samples and articles on global warming to know that our world is changing because of it. Want to learn some climate change facts? Let’s see the impact of global warming on the world and how it is affecting and changing the lives of people across the world.

1.  Exposure to heatwaves

For exposure to heatwaves to increasing infection rates, the impact of global warming can be seen everywhere. According to a report, from 2000 to 2016, a high increase in temperature was seen. The global average temperature and the average temperature that a human feels have different values because the global temperature takes into account the temperature of oceans as well that encompasses 2/3 of the world.

However, humans live on land, and the temperature here tends to rise much faster. Exposure to heatwaves has been linked with an increased risk of premature deaths in various parts of the world. This impact of global warming can result in a huge number of deaths across the globe every year.

2.  Natural disasters

Weather-related disasters also increased as a result of global warming over the past decade. As compared to the average of natural disaster from 1990-1999, the percentage for natural disasters from 2000 to 2016 was 46% higher. Due to its large size and huge population, Asia is the continent that has been most affected by natural disasters.

3.  The productivity of the global workforce

We have seen losses to the workforce worldwide one of the effects of global warming. Surprised? Don’t be because it’s true. When we look at the global rural workforce working outdoors, several research paper say that the working capacity has seen a decrease of a whopping 5.3% in the past 2 decades.

Since manual work is getting more and more challenging by the hour, and thus the global workforce productivity is decreasing. This has huge implications on the livelihood of families, communities, and individuals, particularly those people whose livelihoods rely on farming.

4.  Changes in crop yields

The effects of global warming on the world are huge. Climate change facts tell us that one of the impacts is a decrease in crop yields, which leads to undernutrition in people all over the globe. From 389 million malnourished people in 1990, the number grew to 422 million in the year 2016. Global warming and climate change result in an increase in temperatures, onslaughts of droughts due to change in rainfall patterns, etc.

5.  Air quality

Pollution from factories, cars, etc. react to the heat and sunlight and increase the ground-level ozone, which is one of the main components of smog. The hotter the world gets, the higher the level of smog and thus dirtier the air that we breathe in.

6.  Extinction rates

Humans are not the only species being affected by global warming, though we are certainly the ones causing it. As the sea and land undergo changes, the animals that live there start becoming extinct since they can’t adapt to the changing environment quickly enough.

Combine pollution and deforestation with climate change, and you will see a disaster looming on the heads of the animals, and by proxy, on the heads of humans if things are not gotten under control.


Climate change facts & effects of global warming are becoming the talk of the 21st century. How can it not, when we are looking at large areas of land going underwater as a result of the melting glaciers?

You can take a look at the student research paper samples, and a read a good-quality essay on global warming to see for yourself the vicious effects global warming is having on the globe. We need to start taking proper measures to ensure that our world remains habitable for all the species that call Earth their home.




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