Health Benefits of 5 Brazillian Superfoods

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The first thing that springs to most people’s mind when it comes to Brazil is the Amazon.

Thanks to these glorious lungs of the earth that the country is filled with superfoods that are beneficial to human health.

Read on on to learn more about the health benefits of 5 Brazillian superfoods.

1. Acai Berries

Dark berries are known for their antioxidant properties, but few come close to the benefits of the acai berry.

The pulp of the acai berry is filled with fibre and healthy fats and its benefits have been enjoyed by the indeginious people of the Amazon for centuries.

They are difficult to find fresh outside of Brazil, but are available as a powder that you can add to your food and drink and also as bottled juice..

2. Coconut Water

Brazillian coconuts are absolutely unique in the benefits they hold for your health.

The coconut water inside the green fruit is filled with potassium that’s vital for your well-being.

This makes it perfect for hydrating on warm days or after a workout. It is considered mild and refreshing. In addition it has anti-cancer properties too.

3. Brazil Nuts

Nuts are the perfect go to for a healthy snack.

As Amanda Sousa, Nutritionist for says, “Brazil nuts in particular are crunchy as well as creamy, which makes them extra satisfying. They are filled with selenium which helps stabilize low thyroid problems too.”

It addition, it has the benefits of preventing depression and low moods, and also supports the immune system.

4. Yerba Mate

If you’re looking to lose weight but also keep up your energy then yerba mate is your friend. It helps keep hunger at bay while also keeping you energised.

It can be a little bitter, but the benefits make it absolutely worth it. This is because yerba mate contains over twenty essential vitamins and minerals too. It is high in antioxidant properties too.

If you can’t stomach any more green tea, then you may want to adopt yerba mate into your daily routine.

5. Yucca

If you’re struggling to keep on top of the recommended daily consumption of vitamin C, folate and fiber, then yucca could be your one stop shop.

You can eat this glorious root steamed, boiled and fried too. This makes it versatile for every type of diet. Whether you are opting for the healthy or the hearty, you can adapt yucca cooking to suit your needs.

The high level of nutrients can also help build collagen which is important for bone health.


Brazil is certainly filled with delicious natural delights.

In addition to the beautiful beaches and gorgeous forests, the food, fruit and nuts that are found here have unique qualities that are beneficial for all areas of human health.

If you’re looking to overhaul your diet and improve it, then adding these 5 Brazillian superfoods will be a giant leap in the right direction!




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