Health benefits of Labdanum Essential Oil

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Health benefits of Labdanum Essential OilThe labdanum essential oil is generally used for making fragrances in the perfume industry. The labdanum essential oil helps to relieve from the mental and emotional issues such as stress and soothes the mind. The therapeutic benefits of labdanum essential oil are yet to be discovered. Labdanum is an evergreen bush which is small in size. It is an inherent to mountainous Mediterranean regions such as Morocco, Spain, Cyprus and France. The oil is used for making fragrances. The gum is used for curing diarrhea, catarrh and dysentery.

The labdanum was firstly used by the Pharaohs on their bodies. The goat hair was attached by the gum on their faces as beards. The colds, female menstrual problems and rheumatism also got treated by the gums of labdanum. The labdanum essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the shrub by the process of steam distillation. It has got sweet, musky and woody fragrances.

Health benefits of Labdanum Essential Oil

Labdanum essential oil can relieve stress and soothes the mind as well as deals with the mental and emotional issues. Though the labdanum has various therapeutic properties, it is yet to be discovered.

The Health benefits provided by the Labdanum Essential Oil are:

1. To relieve stress and calm the mind

The labdanum essential oil helps to deal with emotional issues and calms the mind. The mood can be uplifted or anxiety could be controlled if the labdanum essential oil is inhaled directly or diffused. The anger and mood is arranged by the use of Labdanum essential oil.

2. Skin conditions

With the use of labdanum essential oil, it reduces the signs of aging such as wrinkles, rejuvenate aging and tired skin, and tighten the loose muscles and skin. The labdanum essential oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothes irritated skin.

3. Coughs and colds

The symptoms of colds and coughs such as congestion can be cured by the expectorant properties present in labdanum essential oil. The mucus build up can be cleared by adding 4-5 drops of labdanum essential oil to the hot water and breathing the vapors by covering the head, neck and shoulders with a towel for at least 5 minutes.

4. Rheumatism

The painful and swollen joints which are caused by arthritis and rheumatism are soothed by the labdanum essential oil. The massage with labdanum essential oil diluted from the carrier oil or adding 5-6 drops of labdanum essential oil to the bathtub and soaking up the body is helpful. A massage with the labdanum essential oil helps to get relief from the pain.

5. Menstrual Problems

The several menstrual problems such as bloating and feelings of nausea, severity of menstrual cramps are treated with the use of labdanum essential oil. It also helps to regulate the menstruation frequency.

Other uses

The body’s essential systems are assisted by the labdanum essential oil. It enhances the blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to the brains as well as organs. The nervous, digestive and respiratory system are stimulated.


Though the side effects of labdanum essential oil is not known yet but the breast feeding and pregnant women must consult the doctor for its usage.





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