Health In Simplicity Of Diet – How to Strike a Balance?

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“Health is Wealth,” and indeed it is so. But, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy in the modern world. And a huge part of healthy living is healthy eating. So, do you eat healthily?

Even fitness trainers recommend eating healthy and exercising. It is not just exercising that is going to make you fit; it is essential to have a well-balanced diet too.

So, what is a well-balanced diet?

Balanced Diet

The answer is not easy because it depends on each individual’s health. Yet, there is a simple measure to take in a balanced diet. A balanced diet must include six primary nutrients, i.e., Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Vitamins, and minerals.

Try to include each one of these nutrients in your diet according to your health. However, adding these nutrients to your diet doesn’t mean overeating. A balanced diet also means being mindful of what you eat, how much you are eating, and how often you are eating.

Having a balanced diet doesn’t necessarily mean your food has to have many ingredients. It can be simple and healthy.

Yes! While there are many delicious recipes with ingredients that you can cook or try, it is better to stick to a Real and simple diet. Real and simple diets are those with natural and with fewer ingredients.

Why Less Ingredients?

Well, simply because more ingredients means more processed food. And we know that processed food is an enemy to health. Yet, we can’t neglect it entirely because of today’s fast-paced life.  We can keep it lowkey, which means if you have to choose packed food, choose the one with low ingredients.

Though it doesn’t mean that you should not cook a multi-ingredient healthy recipe, you should. But, if you buy packed foods, they should always have minimal ingredients.

Now, sometimes people think that food with fewer ingredients is not going to fulfill their nutritional intake. But, that’s not usually valid. You don’t have to have many ingredients; you need the right ingredients.

So Are All Packed Foods Harming Our Health?

No, although packed food does not meet the standard of natural, simple, self-cooked food, it is not all harmful food. Only highly processed food is actually bad for your health.

We as a consumer have to be more mindful of what we are consuming. There are plenty of brands that make healthy, packed food. How to spot those brands? Well, As we said, it is simple, look at their ingredient list. Fewer ingredients mean less processed food means greater health.

For example, RBar Energy Starter Pack is a dairy and gluten-free snack with only necessary components. No added sugar, preservatives, or additives. Their snacks always have 7 or fewer ingredients.

How To Avoid Highly Processed Food

Honestly, it is not difficult. Be aware of the food you are putting in your body, and it’s that simple.

If you want to avoid highly processed food, one most vital thing you can do is eat self-prepared food, i.e., home-cooked food. Make your diet as natural as possible. Usually, an adult is supposed to eat a maximum of 5 times a day, 3 times whole meals, and 2 times snacks. If you don’t want to eat 5 times a day, you don’t have to. You just have to manage an overall healthy diet.

However, most people tend to eat at least 3 meals a day and some snacks in between. Usually, too much snacking is also considered to be unhealthy. But, healthy snacking is not bad.

And, if you want to avoid eating highly processed food, always pick a snack with fewer ingredients. Maybe you will cook three meals a day, which is highly likely not possible, but if you do, it’s snack time where you eat the most packed food like chips, health bars, packed nuts, etc. And while some of them sound healthy, they are not.

In the name of too many ingredients, these unhealthy packed foods are packed with sugar, unhealthy fat, food dyes, harmful additives, and more. We don’t need these things in our bodies. So it is an excellent measuring stick to opt for food with few ingredients for a healthy diet and snacks. It is the simplicity of a diet for healthy living.

Simplicity In Diet

As we have mentioned multiple times earlier that you don’t need a complex diet, all you need is a well-balanced diet with proper integrants.

We have also heard that raw food has more nutrients than cooked food. That’s why eating raw food is favored over cooked food. Having fresh vegetable juice, raw vegetables, fresh meat, and fruits is one of the healthiest foods.

And for snacking, low ingredients snacks are the best.

Healthy snacking

Healthy snacking includes protein bars, roasted nuts, energy bars, etc. If you buy a snack, it should be gluten-free, dairy-free, no added sugar, GMO and IMO free, and no food coloring. You can also eat fruits and salads and have fresh juice. But again, when you are on the go, having something fresh is not possible; that’s why healthy snacking exists.

Like RBars has many snacks that have only 7 ingredients or less and are very healthy, not only that, their snacks are made up of natural ingredients. They have many gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan energy bars. They not only care about your healthy eating habits but also about the environment, and therefore, they try to make their packaging as sustainable as possible.

If you can’t cook food and always cling towards eating highly processed packed food, which is highly toxic for your health, you can change that. Don’t worry. You don’t have to start cooking. You have to make the right decisions about your diet and snacks. Simple, natural, low but essential ingredients food is easily digestible, healthy and it can be tasty too like RBars.


Being healthy is not as complex as it is considered to be. It’s simple. We have to have a good diet which includes nutritious meals and snacks. Fewer ingredients, the food is more healthy because it is less processed.

So, always go with simplicity in what you eat. And be mindful of what you consume.




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