Here’s How to Consume Wine the Healthy Way

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Indulging yourself a glass of wine after a long day of work is one of the best ways to destress. It helps in settling our emotions and puts our mind at peace from all the anxieties and pressures we feel from daily grinds. It is why most of us look forward to sitting on a couch and drink our favorite vino. Although wines are generally categorized as alcoholic beverages, which connotes many health disadvantages, it is the healthiest beverage compared to others. It is because wines are made from grapes and other natural ingredients. There are only a few synthetic elements added compared to beers and hard drinks.

Besides, most medical experts advise drinking one or two glasses of wine every day. According to some studies, wines can provide many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, protecting our hearts from any cardiovascular disease, helps in improving one’s memory, and regulates bad cholesterol. All these things are enough to convince us to drink our favorite wine every day, in moderation. Also, wines contain an active antioxidant found in grape seeds and skins called resveratrol. These antioxidants are found mostly in wines that bring most of the health advantages.

While it is true that wines are the healthiest alcoholic beverage to drink, some people might consume it the wrong way. Too much wine may lead to health issues instead of the good ones. So, there’s always the best time to drink a glass of wine to ensure optimum health conveniences. Thus, in this article, we’d like to enlighten you about the proper way to consume wine. It may not sound important for some, but this is essential for those people who wanted to reap the health benefits of drinking wine. Take your cue from the following.

Fill Your Stomach First

Filling your stomach first is the healthiest way to drink a glass of wine. Take note that wines have different alcohol content. As such, you need to make sure that your body can tolerate it. For people who love to drink heavy wines like Pinot Noir Wines, you should eat right so that you can digest the full-bodied content of these wines. Besides, if your tummy is filled with sufficient food, a glass or two of wine is enough to satisfy your alcohol craving. It is said that an empty stomach only encourages you to drink more, which may lead to health consequences.

Rest Before And After Drinking Wines

Many of us want to indulge in a glass of wine after strenuous activity. We are under the impression that this can help ease the tiresome we feel, but some experts say that this is not right. It makes our body heavier, which does not contribute to absorbing the alcohol content quickly. Thus, taking time to rest first before drinking and finding time to settle after sipping a glass of wine is a healthier way of consuming it.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water Afterward

It is healthy to drink one or two glasses of wine every day, but it is healthier to drink a glass of water right after every glass.

The water helps in settling the alcohol content of the wine in your body, making sure that you don’t get intoxicated. Aside from that, water fills your stomach so you can control your consumption to only one or two glasses.

Avoid Mixing the Wine With Other Drinks

Most drinkers find it better to mix the wine with other cocktail drinks. They think that it’s a fun way of consuming wine. However, drinking wine, along with other alcoholic beverages, is NOT healthy at all. It’s a big no-no! Cocktail drinks come in higher calories, which can lead our body to develop body fats and bad cholesterol. Make sure to avoid this and only drink a pure glass of wine.

Look for Dry Reds Or Clear Whites

When looking for a wine to drink, you must choose dry reds or clear whites. Dry reds contain lower alcohol and high resveratrol content. Clear whites have fewer calorie content and less sugar compared to other types of wine.

In this way, you get to indulge in a delicious wine without getting anxious about the calories or feeling guilty about it.


Consuming a glass or two of wine every day is a healthy way to keep our body well-guarded against illnesses and diseases. Health experts even recommend it. On the other hand, a lot of us don’t know how to drink it correctly. Therefore, applying the tips listed above on how to drink wine in a healthier manner can help you achieve the health you wish to have.




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