How Keto Diet Help You Lose Weight And Boost Your Energy Levels

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If you’re struggling to lose weight don’t fret, this article may be the rainbow you’ve been waiting for. You are about to learn all about the keto diet; one of the safest dieting methods.

You’re not the only person struggling with weight loss. Nor will you be the last. There are plenty of people like you.

According to the CDC, at least 49.7% of adults between the ages of 20 to 39 are struggling to lose weight. Among them, the most commonly used methods of losing weight are exercising, eating less food, and adopting vegan diets.

None of those methods are as efficient as the keto diet.

The benefits of using a keto diet

Let’s clear this up right away:

There are many benefits of using the keto diet. But that doesn’t mean losing weight would be easy. You’d still be expected to discipline yourself, avoid junk food, alcohol, and so on.

  • Promotes Weight Loss – The first and most obvious benefit of following a keto diet is that you will lose weight. How, you might ask? Most keto diets consist of foods which keep a person full for longer periods of time. When you restrict carbohydrates in your body, you reach a state of ketosis and this leads to a significant reduction in body fat. Say goodbye to constant snacking between meals!
  • Restores Insulin Sensitivity – The root cause of insulin resistance is high levels of insulin in the body. When you consume a normal carbohydrate dominated diet, there is a greater need for insulin in your body due to greater intake of carbohydrates. Low levels of carbohydrates mean low levels of insulin, so a keto diet turns insulin levels down and this helps in breakdown of fat in your body.
  • Improves Cholesterol Levels – Following a keto diet can improve HDL (high – density lipoprotein) levels in your body. HDL is called the good cholesterol and high levels of HDL compared to LDL (low – density lipoprotein) can reduce the risk of heart disease. Keto diets are low carbohydrate diets which are high in fat so this increases the levels of HDL cholesterol in your body.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – Studies show that low carbohydrate diets help lower blood pressure and this in turn prevents the risk of developing other diseases like heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. This will also be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels – If you are unaware, carbohydrates are the main nutrients responsible for raising blood sugar levels. People with type 2 diabetes are recommended to follow keto diets because they are very effective at reducing HbA1c levels in the body. In fact, keto diets are also beneficial for people with type 1 diabetes since they help reduce blood sugar levels. Apart from the above benefits, keto diets help improve mental clarity, metabolism, satiety and can even help reduce seizures.

Life before keto diet

Amanda is a 36-year-old accountant. She has been struggling with weight for almost ten years. Before a friend recommended the keto diet, she tried several methods and failed dismally. This led to stress, depression, and isolation. 

Her social life suffered. She became a recluse. In an attempt to cheer herself up, Amanda binged on chocolates, fries, and ice cream. So she gained an extra 50 pounds in just eight weeks!

So when Lisa, (Amanda’s closest friend) came unannounced, she was shocked. 

She immediately recommended keto diet to Amanda. But she was adamant. Her response was, “I ain’t losing weight.” And she meant it.

“What’s this keto diet? asked Amanda.

“C’mon Amanda, you really haven’t heard about the keto diet?”

Amanda shook her head. “Nope. Besides, why must I lose weight now? It’s not like I’m getting married in two months,” she snorted.

Lisa sighed.

Losing weight is one of the amazing decisions anyone can make, but it’s also hard.

Lisa began her pep-talk.

She stated some benefits of losing weight using a keto diet:

“They include lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, controlling blood pressure, increasing energy levels, and boosting the immune system,” said Lisa.

What is the keto diet?

A keto plan (or ketogenic diet) is a low-carb, high-fat diet.

As Lisa has alluded, keto works in ways that other diet methods can’t. For starters, it is the only diet method that can make your body burn fat but still boost your energy as well.

How keto diet works:

Keto reduces carbs

Keto effectively reduces your carbohydrates and simultaneously keeps you healthy. But it will largely depend on what kind of food you eat.

Healthy food which you should eat when you are on a ketogenic diet includes avocados, fish, cheese, Greek yogurt, oysters, and mussels.

“There are some neuroprotective benefits to using the keto diet too,” Lisa explained.


“I mean keto diet can strengthen and protect your brain and nerve cells.”

Keto improves metabolism

One notable benefit of the keto diet is that it can improve your metabolism. This research has found that the keto diet can reduce lipogenesis, which converts sugar into fat.

Lisa told Amanda: “That simply means anyone who suffers from diabetes may benefit from this diet plan.”

“Are you serious?” asked Amanda.

“Like a heart attack!” said Lisa.

“Oh please, I don’t wanna talk about a heart attack!” Amanda cried.

“That’s why you should consider the keto diet,” Lisa said.

Keto reduces cardiovascular risks

As you lose weight from the keto diet you minimize chances of getting high blood pressure.

According to a 2017 study, keto can result in lower LDL cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol, which helps protect you against heart disease.

“Wow this is awesome!” said Amanda. “I should give the keto diet a try,” she added.

“Most def!” Lisa recommended Jack in the Box Keto. It is a low-carb meal option from bunless burgers and sandwiches to salads. Tasty yet healthy.

Amanda after keto diet

Today Amanda has gone from a size 16 to 12 within six months. Since she now has tons of confidence, it is not unusual to see her walk down the street in a mini skirt. Men are drooling over her, and women in their 20s envy her.

PS: Amanda’s story is fictitious.




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