How many Himalayan Salt Lamps I need for a healthy environment at home

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Having a healthy environment at home is the goal and aspiration of present and future homeowners. But how can this be made possible as we know a healthy environment is not something that is achieved so easily? 

In this article, we shall be discussing Himalayan salt lamps and how much it has contributed to our homes. Furthermore, we shall dig into some other topics that will give us better clarity of this nature-blessed salt lamp. 

A healthy environment is one that is free from all kinds of pollution that is detrimental to human health. Aside from the human artificial methods used in keeping the home environment healthy, there are natural items that do the job perfectly well. One of these items is the Himalayan salt lamps. 

A Himalayan salt lamp is a home item that keeps your environment free from pollution and other hazards naturally. Not only does it keep the environment healthy, but it also has a lot of other benefits. It has a glittering natural pink color that can light up a whole living room. The most interesting fact about pink Himalayan salt lamps is that tons of health benefits have continued to emerge.     


The Himalayan salt lamp is a blessing to nature generally because of how it has successfully helped in giving us quality air. Our homes most especially have been a beneficiary of these beautifully natural crystal salt lamps. But most homeowners both new and old think a large number of salt lamps in their homes is responsible for their effectiveness. There is no actual figure that is needed reason been that some homes are bigger than others. If I give a figure for a three-story building, will the same figure apply to 4, 5, or even larger homes?

It is best to place these salt lamps in rooms where needed. Salt lamps are so effective that they can travel down to other parts of the home you don’t have them. 


This magical masterpiece does wonders in ways that have continued to blow the minds of the general public. Enjoying this nature’s beauty requires placing them in areas where you mostly spend quality time. Some examples of these places are listed below:

  1. Your Living Area: When thinking of where to place Himalayan salt lamps, the first place that comes to mind is your living room. The living room is one place where we all mostly spend quality time. It is also a place we use to entertain visitors, therefore, the air present has to be pure and natural. 
  1. The Bedroom: This is another very important place where these salt lamps should be placed. After the day’s work, we take a cool bath and thereafter want to have a proper rest. Proper rest requires a well prepared and air purified bedroom and this can only be possible with salt lamps. This real Himalayan salt lamp helps in better and less snoring sleep.
  1. Children’s Room: The children’s room is another place where these best salt lamps should be placed. In the case of your child having any sleeping disorder, a Himalayan salt lamp will help in setting them off to sleep. 
  1. Dining Room: The dining room is another good spot were salt lamps can be placed. When seated on the dining table with visitors or family members, it is expected to have an enjoyable meal. Salt lamps give you an air purifier atmosphere for an enjoyable meal.


Himalayan salt lamps have a large number of benefits to both humans and their environment. Its popularity has gone so high that everyone wants to benefit from it. Some of these health benefits are:

  • It Improves Mood and Sleep: Anyone suffering from mood swings or sleeping disorder can find a solution in Himalayan salt lamps. When placed in their rooms, those disorders become a forgotten issue.
  • It Helps to Improve Respiratory Organs: These best salt lamps help in assisting the respiratory organs in functioning properly. So in case you experience difficulty in breathing, you can have a Himalayan salt lamp placed in your rooms.
  • It Helps in Removing Airborne Germs: The negative ions present in Himalayan salt lamps help to remove all kinds of air contaminants. The salt lamp helps in filtering the air we breathe so as not to contract any form of sickness.
  • It Subdues Stress and Encourages Relaxation: Do you want to be stress-free and relaxed? Have pure Himalayan salt lamps placed in your home. They are a great source of relaxation, stress reduction, as a result of the soft light in them. 


In summary, pure Himalayan salt lamps are home friendly. It is no secret how big of an asset, Himalayan Salt Lamps prove to be for human health. Its substantial benefits have gone a long way in making sure our homes are safe for habitation. Having them placed in and around the living area adds beauty and style. Even though until now there isn’t enough evidence to back the health claims, its aesthetic beauty and soothing presence can’t be denied.




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