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Steroids for sale have a large number of indications for use in medical and apart from illnesses for recreational purposes such as physique and performance boosters. Androgenic anabolic steroids for e.g. dianabol steroids are quite famous and are mandatory in fitness regime of any bodybuilder and recreational usage has outnumbered the medical use of steroid.

Anabolic steroids have anabolic and androgenic potential. Chemically they are testosterone or derivatives of testosterone and help in increasing the testosterone levels inside the body. Testosterone is the main hormone that is responsible for the sexual development and maturation of the human body. It helps in primary sexual development that comprises of hairs on the body and muscles build up, bone density increases and the vocal changes in the boys. On the other hand, primary sexual characteristics is the development of testes, sex drive, sperm and semen production. 

Testosterone is crucial to build lean muscles, improve the definition and tone of muscles. Synthetically produced anabolic steroids also have these capabilities and that’s why they are used because they can help in the following ways:

  1. Build lean muscles.
  2. Sheds excess fat and replace with lean muscles.
  3. Preserves already present lean muscles.
  4. Increases strength of the body.
  5. Endurance and stamina improve.
  6. Bone density increases as the mineral cortex is re-enforced.
  7. Vascularity improves.
  8. It combats the fatigue associated with long hard training sessions.
  9. It helps in recovery of the muscles that may have been subjected to injury.
  10. Helps in boosting the overall confidence and energy levels of the body.

As it is androgenic in nature so, it also has tendency to produce virilization like side effects. It can cause suppression of the natural production of testosterone and the conversion of testosterone to estrogen via aromatization ad excess estrogen can also lead to un-desired effects. It is because of these side effects that anabolic steroids are not recommended for physique and performance enhancement purpose and it is very important to be extra cautious while using anabolic steroids.

It is not possible to acquire steroid from medical stores as it is not an FDA approved use of steroids, so only channel left is to buy steroids online. Now the problem is that online market is flooding with vendors and platform and almost all claiming to have the best of the best product. Most of the claims are fake and they are only there for money making purpose selling, fake or under-dosed products.


Multiple brands and online stores are there who have anabolic steroids for sale, it is the responsibility of the client to run an authenticity check to pick authentic from fake ones. Always trust your gut feeling when a name or any pharmaceutical logo rings a bell. Fancy marketing campaigns and un-real claims are often a sign that something fishy is behind. Following are some of the points that can help you in distinguishing real steroids from fake ones.

Concept of Counterfeit Drugs?

Counterfeit drugs are drugs that are intentionally made with the purpose of deceiving the consumers and money making is the only agenda behind such productions. They deceive regarding the origin, authenticity, efficacy of the product. If you are new or opting for a new online store do run an authenticity check by following simple steps:

  • Quick research online
  • By cross-checking the company’s logo r code number
  • Ask the helpline desk regarding their specific product on the other re-seller page.
  • Any un-real claims
  • Extra cautious while buying banned or illegal drugs as their possession makes you liable to punishment.


It is important to get hold of genuine product because it is prepared after passing through a rigorous safety check and can ensure benefits. Fake products have zero pharmacological potential or are under-dosed and will be unable to bring any good change and will cost you your time, energy and money. Some criminal organizations and underground mafia also make hazardous products that can be damaging to your health and can even cause death.

How to point out Fake Medications?

  1. Authentic medicines go through strict control processes, before launching a number of studies are made to ensure safety. Fake companies do not follow the standard operating procedure of drug making. The following points can give a hint regarding fake products: Exceptionally Low prices: Fake brands do not undergo development or tests lasting several years. Fake companies offer prices that are too good to be true, and their sole focus is on low to make it catchy and grasp the attention of the clients. 
  2. Fake logos: Be-ware if the logo is in a distorted form or with unusual color patterns. Always do a comparative study of the logo with the brands you know.
  3. Familiar product names: Some thugs invent names for their products that closely resemble the products you know and trust. Use search engine to check the authenticity of the drug.
  4. Claim that it has zero side effects: it is the biggest fraud as natural ingredients can also cause side effects. If a manufacturer claims that their product is completely safe and potent, it is probably a “bogus” call.
  5. Any platform offering medication without asking for prescription is un-authentic, refrain from such offers.
  6. medications without the full packaging or missing patient guidelines are also fraud. Illegal online pharmacies often sell counterfeited drugs with packaging that is quite same as the original. There are always some loop holes, you just have to have the eye to see them.
  7. When purchasing medication abroad, go to the pharmacy rather than other sources. 
  8. While traveling take along your medicines in the form of a travel kit to avoid any purchases as it is hard to do authenticity check in a foreign land.
  9. If any suspicious medication falls in your hands, consult your physician or pharmacist, or contact the original product’s maker. If the packaging or the behavior of drug is different than it is a fake one.


The only possible way to counter the fake purchase is to consult authentic stores. Finest gear is one of the leading online platforms facilitating the masses with huge variety of anabolic steroids such as you can buy Anavar steroid online USA and many others.




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