How to Find Good Bed Sheets to Improve Your Sleeping 

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Good sleep hygiene defines your morning mood. If you’ve ever had a bad day because of uncomfortable sleep, maybe your bedding needs to be upgraded. You can start to upgrade your pillow, bolster, comforter, mattress, and also bed linen

Bad bedding can make you uncomfortable, even have a sore back and kinkin your neck. Even good bedding materials can also be a burden to some people who are allergic to some materials, so, be careful when choosing your bedding materials.

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Sleep Is A Primary Needs

It is important to have good sleep everyday because sleep is one of the primary needs of humans. Sleep itself can allow your body and mind to refresh from what happened before and give you refreshes and alertness when you wake up. Good sleep hygiene also helps the body to stay fit and stay away from diseases. 

Bad sleep everyday can make you not achieve enough sleep, that will make the brain unable to function properly which can impair ability to concentrate, make a decision, and process the memories. 

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep. Children and teenagers need more sleep that varies according to how old they are. Beside the bedding condition, you must consider the stressor, medical condition, 

Work schedules, work and family-stressors, home environment, medical conditions, and also diet can affect quality of sleep. Circadian rhythm is known as the internal body clock that controls the urge for sleep. So, when you feel tired you can be ready for bed or when you are refreshed and alert, you will not feel sleepy.


One of the bedding materials which affect the quality of sleep is a bed sheet. The most favourite material for bed sheets is linen. Linen will make you comfortable to sleep because it is very soft, so it will affect your quality of sleep. The softness of this material can endure even though the material was washed by machine or by hand. Linen can be softer and more softer as the time it is washed. The material  might change the color in direct sunlight. Linen requires ironing because of the wrinkled part but some people like the wrinkles as a pattern so it doesn’t need to be ironed.

It is twice as durable than cotton because the Linen fibers are much thicker than cotton. Linen is considered far superior to cotton in both quality and price.  So, it will save many dollars if you use bed linen. There are many selections of linen bedding that you can style with, ranging from it’s different colors and models, up to the thickness of the sheets.


Bed linen is also superior to other materials because its material is hypoallergenic. Linen has less fur than other materials so it is safe for kids or adults who have allergies to fur or any kind of woll. It is important to know your family’s specific allergy because it can be so uncomfortable if they have an allergy like sniffling, sneezing, rhinorrhea, asthma, or other skin manifestation.

Hypoallergenic sheets are suitable for the person who has an allergy, it is designed with special materials that keep mold and dust away. Hypoallergenic bed sheets feature tight-weave structures, which  keep mold and dust at bay and also help eliminate dust mite access. Linen is one of the materials that make a good hypoallergenic sheet for fighting against a dust mite allergy. People who have allergies report feeling relieved when using linen as bedding and other stuff such as towels or kitchen equipment. Linen also can be useful for antibacterial properties.. Linen has the ability to absorb up to 20% of its own weight. It absorbs moisture without holding bacteria. It will make bed linen dry out much faster than other materials and the bacteria will not grow


The linen has a natural pH balance and is anti static which is very good for your skin because it has microscopic properties which also gently massage your skin, stimulating blood flow and serving relaxation when you sleep. Due to its anti-static characteristics, linen is more resistant to stain and dust. Linen also gives UV protection by reducing the gamma radiation.


The other reason why you should choose bed linen is because it can help you to regulate the temperature because of its material. You can use the linen for the hot summer without feeling hot and use it in winter without feeling cold. Generally, It is pleasant, fresh,and has a cool feeling, so you can use it in almost every season of the year.  For your information, the heat conductivity is good which is 5 times higher than wool and 19 times higher than silk. In hot weather,  people who wear Linen clothes are found to show the skin temperature 3-4 degrees below those wearing silk and cotton.

Eco Friendly

One thing which can be your consideration for using linen is because of the greenest fabrics around linen have. Linen originally is made from the resilient flax plant that can grow even in poor-quality soil and doesn’t need much water because the flax plant can grow with less water which is very opposite with other plants such as cotton which need more water to grow. The entire part of this plant is also very useful for our life. It can provide oil that can be produced as food for livestock, and also the products that can be made from it which has specific wood-finishing. All of the products are completely biodegradable, so you won’t have long-lasting waste if you choose linen as your companion.


It is important to have enough sleep, but it is also important to have good quality sleep which you can have if you use the proper material for your bedding, and style it correctly. Bed linen offers softness that is a very supporting element to have good quality sleep. It is hypoallergenic so it is suitable for everyone including those who have allergies. It also can be a temperature regulated material, so it can be used in every season in the year. The material also has a structure that not only can help us to fight bacteria, dust, and mites but also makes you more relaxed and makes your skin keep looking good.




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