How to stick to your fitness routine using gamification

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When you live a busy lifestyle, your fitness routine can be the last thing you think about. Exercising seems to be boring and it can be hard to keep up the motivation from time to time. But if you are truly committed to making and keeping fitness an integral part of your life, you need to develop some strategies and habits. Seeking a fitness tribe to get inspiration from, a personal trainer, if you are determined, or just being a part of a fitness community will help motivate you and fit exercise into your schedule no matter how busy life gets. 

In this digital age, technology is here to help automation, connection, develop life quality and make a positive change towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. As if in exercising, technology has made a great impact on how you exercise, set up fitness goals, count the progress, enjoy the sweat and conquer the challenges with your tribe. All in a virtual world but you will achieve your fitness goals for real. 

Utilizing technology to boost the connection, engagement and motivation within a global fitness community, The Conqueror has won the hearts of many people around the world, encouraging them to take on virtual challenges and exercise towards their fitness goals. The Conqueror app and virtual challenge community has 150,000 members at the moment and welcomes more every day to this global tribe.

The Conqueror Challenges is a start-up that helps people from around the globe to develop good fitness habits. Over 500,000 people have already tried the challenges, ranging from short to long distances, which can also be done at home whilst doing indoor activities like using a treadmill, cycling on the stationary bike or through outdoor activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, or rowing etc. Any distance-based exercise counts as completing a virtual challenge and it can be completed with family or friends anywhere in the world. Better still, you can travel the world virtually, visiting locations like Yellowstone, Road to Hana, Niagara Falls, sharing your pain and pleasure with a global network of travelling enthusiasts.

Sticking to your fitness goals is not easy, but with The Conqueror, you can do it!

Whilst the start and endpoints of the journey are exciting, it is easy to get demotivated midway through, either due to a lack of results or because the end goal is harder than anticipated. However, if you are striving for long-term fitness or weight goals then you need to have a mental plan and a set of measurements to track your progress. This is where gamification comes into play.

1. Set tiny goals and key milestones

Gamification involves breaking the wider fitness challenge into smaller more achievable fitness goals and providing a reward for each stage of the journey. In fitness, this is about increasing motivation and engagement levels, which promote certain behaviours that allow you to achieve specific goals. This technique, inspired by video games, highlights very specific markers of achievement. This experience can work in the physical world, however, digitally programmed elements can be mapped to mirror fitness activities and track movement and progress and then reward users for reaching goals and milestones. 

2. Keep Track, reflect on how far you have come and celebrate the fitness journey 

Another hack is to record your fitness goal and track your activity, whether it is in steps per day, kilometres, or miles. On rest days, when you feel tired or when you have delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) you can remind yourself how far you have come on your journey. Who wants to stop when you have banked so much success already?   

3. Make a diary

Each day, week and month take a picture of what you looked like or write about how you felt at each stage, mentally and physically. If you feel demotivated just look back at the diary and think about how far you have come, how certain activities have become easier and about the goals you have achieved.  Even share these achievements with family and friends who will encourage and motivate you to push to the next stage. It really works.  

4. Find your community

In our digital age, there are lots of different virtual communities at our fingertips, the power of a community is a few clicks away via social media. Access to the virtual tribe is helpful to kickstart that mojo and set that challenge, especially if some of your immediate tribes are on a different page when it comes to fitness. Fitness communities come in all shapes and sizes, everything from a local community running group to a global social community, you can get encouragement from family and friends, however, this wider crowd will help too. Not motivated enough?

Conquering a S.M.A.R.T fitness goal while helping the environment

We are all aware of the environmental crisis. Every small act counts. You can exercise and contribute to protecting the environment at the same time with The Conqueror. One stone, two birds, an all-in-one solution. By choosing and committing to sign up for a virtual race with The Conqueror you will help from the word ‘go’; the app offers a gratifying choice to make an environmental impact, whether it is to help the forests regrow or reduce waste by collecting plastic bottles. After each 20% stage of the challenge is completed, The Conqueror donates towards either cause. The social impact you make from the outset is yours to own.

As the exercisers begin their journey, they transform to become fitness enthusiasts transported into fun and challenging environments. The Conqueror reward systems are based on short and long-term incentives to drive motivation. As the virtual travellers advance along with the map, they can view the street view at virtual milestones and unlock virtual postcards. The postcards are sent via e-mail and contain interesting historical information about the milestones reached. These of course can be shared via social media, generating some FOMO from friends and family, especially when they see the beautifully crafted finisher’s medal which represents the adventure the challenger has been on. 

So, whether you want to complete a challenge to lose weight, overcome an injury or add a bit of extra spice to that workout routine or training goal, The Conqueror has many virtual challenges to choose from.  

Join our encouraging and engaging community of over 150,000 tribe members to help get some fitness inspiration!




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