Is Plastic Surgery Becoming More Common in Baton Rouge?

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Almost everyone already knows someone who has undergone plastic surgery. Most people reading this are probably thinking about getting a cosmetic treatment. The figures do not lie, and more people think and have plastic surgery procedures than ever before. You may know people who have had a procedure and you didn’t even know it. The number of procedures conducted grew by about 250,000 from 2017 to 2018. The numbers have steadily increased during the last five years. So, what is the big deal about plastic surgery these days? Even with the effect of the pandemic, one would think the numbers would fall; here is an article to clarify if plastic surgery is increasing in popularity or not, especially in Baton Rouge.

The Statistics

During the epidemic, 11% of women polled said they are keener on cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical operations now than before COVID-19, and the number is considerably greater among women who have had surgery or a procedure before. In addition, 35% of females who have had at least one cosmetic surgical operation or moderately invasive procedure in the past year expect to spend significantly or slightly more in 2021 than they did in 2020. In Louisiana, where plastic surgeon – Erick Sanchez is located, there was an upsurge in searches online for plastic surgery procedures ranking 18th in the whole country. It is proof that even with the challenges, plastic surgery is becoming more common in America.

Reasons for Plastic Surgery Popularity

1. Accessibility

Plastic surgery was often regarded to be a privilege reserved for the extremely wealthy or celebrities. That is not the case any longer. While surgery remains expensive, it has become much more affordable for the common person. It is especially true in households where both members work, as they earn twice as much as single-breadwinner situations in the past. Plastic surgery has become more accessible to a larger audience because of more flexible financing alternatives. There are currently credit schemes available to assist people with managing the costs of surgery. One can pay for their operation over time rather than having to raise a flat sum payment.

2. Acceptance

The fact that plastic surgery has become more culturally acceptable is another factor affecting an increase in surgical operations. Celebrities are frequently coming out and discussing the treatments they have had done. It is also not unusual for pals to talk about their desire for surgery between themselves. The rising acceptance of cosmetic operations could also be due to social media. People appear to be perfectly content to publish a selfie on Instagram straight after a rhinoplasty or discuss their breast augmentation recovery process with their social media pals.

3. Plastic Surgery Advancements

Plastic surgery outcomes have increased as technology has progressed, and procedures have improved. For example, the “windswept” features that used to be typical following old-school facelifts are no longer the norm. Today’s surgery outcomes are significantly more natural-looking. Furthermore, thanks to advancements in cosmetic medicine technology, surgery is no longer as involved or complicated as it formerly was. The incisions may be smaller, resulting in reduced scarring and a faster recovery. Surgery is not required in some cases; for example, non-surgical CoolSculpting may be a better option than liposuction.




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