Health benefits of Kachnar

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Health benefits of Kachnar

Kachnar Quick Facts
Name: Kachnar
Scientific Name: Bauhinia variegata
Colors Green
Shapes Pods long, narrow and pointed at the ends, hard, flat, glabrous, 13–25 cm long, 15–18 mm wide
Taste Sour, Astringent, sweet
Health benefits Treatment of Hemorrhoids, Regulating of Blood Flow during Menstruation, Purification of Blood, Treatment of Digestive System Problems, Healing Internal Wounds, Treatment for Cough, Anti-cancerous properties, Antidote for snake bites, Cures diuresis, Treats oral disorders, Useful for rectal prolapse, Cure diarrhea due to indigestion, Ease burning sensation, Controls blood sugar, Menorrhagia haemolysis, Treat hypothyroidism, Anti-tumor activity
Kachnar is really a medium-sized tree that reaches a height of 50 to 60 feet. It really is indigenous to India, Pakistan and Southern China; in reality to Southeast Asia.

Kachnar is really a wonderful veggie that grows in spring and served cooked with many delicacies. It’s the flowers of orchid tree, which are developed in India and therefore are present in large quantity throughout the land. Whenever kachnar buds and also bloom into flowers, it becomes an extremely delicious as well as healthy source of food for all of us. The buds of kachnar are incredibly beautiful as well as delicate. Poets frequently use these flowers like a metaphor to explain beautiful and wonderful maidens. The flowers of the orchid tree are extremely expensive in addition to valuable.

The Kachnar buds as well as flowers are somewhat bitter in taste whenever raw. They are usually utilized to make pickles within the subcontinent. The main elements of kachnar are a number of essential minerals in addition to vitamin C. It is almost always cooked along with meat, however it is vital that you utilize a high quantity of oil whilst cooking kachnar flowers.

Health benefits of Kachnar

Kachnar flowers along with the buds of kachnar could be cooked for the meal and may even be consumed in the form of a medicine so as to get a number of advantages for the health, like the treatment of numerous illnesses and ailments. The advantages of kachnar buds as well as kachnar flowers are elaborated below.

1. Treatment of Hemorrhoids

The kachnar flowers are actually efficient as a cure for unpleasant hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids are formed once the blood vessels found round the anal area swell, that are very unpleasant. An individual experiences serious pain whilst passing stool as well as faces trouble while sitting if the hemorrhoids are extremely severe. In this case, eating kachnar can be extremely effective as it may totally removes the hemorrhoids, regardless of what the degree of their severity is.

2. Treat hypothyroidism

Decoction of the Kachnar bark is quite effective for dealing with hypothyroidism. The Kanchnar guggulu has a good effect on those with a thyroid imbalance. This is because the Kachnar removes the kapha from the body.

3.  Anti-cancerous properties

Kachnar tree helps to delay the growth of the cancer cells. It shrinks the cancer cells and makes them undergo apoptosis. You can have the decoction of the flowers and stem. Boil a handful of the flowers and a few stems in 3 cups of water. Wait until the water reduces to half. Add some rock candy and have it twice a day. This is considered as one of the best Bauhinia variegata medicinal uses.

4. Cure diarrhea due to indigestion

Extract and powder of the bark help to calm the digestive system. It recovers the digestive function and increases the appetite. If you have an upset stomach due to infection or poor health, the extract will repair the stomach problem. Have a glass of the decoction made out of the powder of the bark before meals to clear your stomach and improve your appetite. This is one of the effective Bauhinia variegata medicinal uses.

5. Controls blood sugar

Chemicals in the extract of the Kachnar plant have properties like the insulin. It helps lower the sugar levels and brings it under control. Use the extract of the Kachnar along with your meal, and you will not have any problems with your sugar levels.

6. Purification of Blood

The bitter flowers of kachnar are thought to be a great blood purifier. They assist in getting rid of blood toxins. In this manner, it turns out to be very theraputic for several other organs of the body too, like the liver.

7. Treatment of Digestive System Problems

Kachnar flowers can easily strengthen the digestive system. Additionally they help eliminate stomach worms and also the parasites perfectly found on the intestines. Moreover, the pickles that, are prepared utilizing kachnar could make the intestines stronger, enabling them to perform their function properly. Kachnar ought to be utilized together with ginger as a way to increase its effectiveness for the digestive system.

8. Ease burning sensation

Many people experience burning sensation when passing urine. To get relief, use the bark of the bauhinia variegata about 2 teaspoons full and 1 teaspoonful of coriander seeds. Add this to 3 cups of water and bring to a boil. Filter and add misri. Have this with the food daily until you get relief.

9. Cures diuresis

If case you are suffering from diuresis complaint, use the decoction of the root for curing the problem. Boil the crushed root in some water and bring it to a boil. Cool it and filter it. Have this twice a day after meals for a week. This is one of the best Bauhinia variegata medicinal uses.

10. Regulating of Blood Flow during Menstruation

All those ladies who experience extreme bleeding throughout their periods may use kachnar to deal with this complaint. In reality, no other veggie can be as good as kachnar is perfect for women in this situation. Kachnar will regulate the circulation of blood throughout menstruation.

11. Menorrhagia hemolysis

Excessive menstrual bleeding is a condition many women face at some point in life. Regular use of Bauhinia variegata helps them get relief when they face such a condition. Use of the powder of the dried leaves with the food helps them get control of their bleeding problem.

12. Healing Internal Wounds

Internal wounds could be cured effectively by utilizing kachnar flowers.

13. Treats oral disorders

Use the powder of the bark to fight bacteria in the mouth. The chemical substances in the bark help to kill the bacteria and restore the pH balance in the mouth. This helps you keep the mouth fresh without bad odor.

14. Treatment for Cough

A kind of gravy prepared through the flowers of kachnar may be used to eliminate cough.

15. Useful for rectal prolapse

When you have rectal prolapse, the last part of the intestine that joins to the anus will lose the attachment to the body. It thus falls out of the anus. If you use the juice of the leaves and the stem of the Bauhinia variegata, you will be able to get relief from this condition. Over time, the rectum will develop more strength.

16. Antidote for snake bites

Use the Bauhinia variegata either in powder or as an extract to cure snake bite. It helps to counter the action of the poison. Simply extract the juice of the leaves and mix it with some honey. Give this to the snake bite victim. Apply the leaves as a poultice at the site of the snake bite.

Some Ayurvedic Remedies With Kachnar

For Mouth Ulcers & Bad Breath

Take dried bark of kachnar as well as pound it coarsely. To 10 grams of this add 400 ml water. Allow it to come to a boil and after that simmer till about 100 ml of water remains.

Eliminate from heat, cool a bit and filter the water. Gargle using this water whilst still warm. Do this 2-3 times a day. This can be a extremely effective cure for mouth ulcers as well as works even where other medicines have failed to offer relief.

For Diarrhea And Intestinal Mucus

Powder the bark. Take 3 grams of the powder along with water twice daily; once each morning as well as again at night.

For Difficulty In UrinationEliminate the seeds through the long pod like fruit. Powder the seeds. Take 1 gram of the seed powder twice daily, each morning and evening, along with water. It reduces difficulties in urination.

For Liver Problems And Jaundice

Extract juice from kachnar leaves. Consume 2 times a day. Dose adults 50 ml and kids 15 ml.

This particular juice increases the liver function as well as decreases enlargement of the liver.

For Thyroid Problems And Tonsils

Pound about 20 grams of kachnar bark as well as add 200 ml of water to it. Boil and then simmer the water until it reduces to 50 ml.

Strain and drink.

To Improve Appetite

Consume juice of kachnar leaves.

For Tumors, Cysts & Fibroids

Boil 5 grams of dry bark or even 10 grams of fresh bark in 400 ml of water until the water is decreased to 100 ml. Strain and drink.

Mouth Ulcer, Bad Breath

Take bark(10 gm) of Kachnar tree as well as boil in water(400 ml). As soon as water decreases to 100 ml ,filter as well as gargle frequently.


Take bark of Kachnar and make powder by grinding. Take this powder(3 gm) twice daily.

Jaundice, Liver related problems

  • Grind leaves of Kachnar to extract juice. This particular juice could be taken twice daily. Dose for adult patient is 100 ml as well as for children is 15 ml.
  • This enhances liver function as well as useful in treating liver enlargement.
  • Tonsils, Goiter, Thyroid Problem
  • Cook bark(20 gm) in water(200 ml ) till water decreases to 50 ml. filter and drink.

Burning Sensation In Urine, Urinary Problems

Take bark (10 gm), coriander seeds( 4 gm) and cook in 250 ml of water. Filter, include misri and drink.


Dry flowers of kachnar in shade and grind for making powder.

Cysts In Uterus , Fibroids , Tumors

Take dry bark(5 gm) or fresh bark(10 gm) and boil in 400 ml water until it reduces to 100 ml. Filter and drink. This is useful in curing hormonal imbalance.

Side Effects of Kachnar

Kachnar is safe for common use. However, because of its hypoglycemic action, it ought to be combined with care by persons on anti-diabetic medicine.






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