Know about Kubal Madu

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Kubal Madu Quick Facts
Name: Kubal Madu
Scientific Name: Willughbeia angustifolia
Origin Nicobar Island to Malesia. It is commonly found wild in Borneo (Brunei, Sarawak, Sabah and Indonesian Kalimantan).
Colors Golden yellow to orangey yellow
Shapes Fleshy berry, globose, 1.9-14 by 1.9-14 cm
Kubal Madu is a vigorous climbing shrub which produces woody stems upto 60 meters long. Stems climb to the top of the trees in forests. Woody shoots attach themselves to other plants by hooked, leafless branchlets. It is a perennial, evergreen woody climber having branches bearing tendrils form from modified inflorescences. Leaves are opposite and distichous on short petioles. Flowers are yellowish-white, pentamerous and actinimorphic. Fruit is a globose, fleshy berry, golden yellow to orangey yellow and indehiscent. Seeds are smooth, ovoid having thin endosperm and thick horny cotyledons and embedded in mucilaginous orangey yellow pulp.

Culinary uses

  • The pulp of ripe fruit is consumed raw.
  • Make the juice from ripe fruit.






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