Lockdown exercise: The six exercises you can do while stuck at home due to COVID-19

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Gaining pound after pound watching Netflix during quarantine? Due to Covid-19, our regular lives have come to a standstill. This global pandemic has locked millions of people within their homes.

Our schedules kept us running and we barely ever had time to stay healthy. However, living an active life is crucial for a healthy body. With so much free time in our hands, this pandemic has turned the majority of us into couch potatoes.

Even as we become desperate to stay busy, we are spending more time laying around than being active. If you want to stay healthy, you have to get moving. Here are six lockdown exercises and activities you can do while being stuck at home during Covid-19.

Keep the House Squeaky Clean

With Covid-19 haunting us right outside our doors, our house is our safe haven. The virus spreads through numerous means including our footwear we use outside. Keeping the house spotless and hygienic is mandatory.

The weekly house cleaning session we have simply isn’t enough anymore. Sweeping the floors and disinfecting high touch surfaces must be done once daily.

You might even have to do it more times, depending on your frequency of going out. Bad news for people who hire cleaning services. You must do it on your own to maintain social distancing.

Household chores are exhausting and can help an average person burn 200 calories per hour. Consider this a blessing as it will help you burn all those unwanted fats.

Maintain the Garden

If you have a garden, this is an excellent time to get into gardening. If you have a yard, take this time to transform it into one. Using your free time to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables in your garden can be mentally and physically healing.

Did you know CDC considers gardening as an exercise? They suggested adding gardening to your schedule to keep yourself healthy. If you want to avoid weight-related disease by keeping yourself active, gardening is perfect for you.

Even something as simple as growing and maintaining grass can help. Lawn mowing can burn 250-350 calories per hour! If that sounds like too much work, you can always get a self-propelled lawnmower like this one.

Exercise At Home

Gyms are absolutely off-limits during the pandemic. It was one of the high-risk areas during the early part of this pandemic and one of the few public places that caused the disease to spread.

Very few gyms are open now maintaining all the Covid-19 safety protocols. However, it is still a high-risk place. If you want to avoid contracting and spreading the disease, it is better to stay at home as much as possible.

Some people find it challenging to workout from home. If you have an active stay-at-home exercise schedule and are determined to maintain it, you can stay fit and healthy. These stay-at-home exercise tips can help you stay healthy and fit.

Freehand Exercises

You don’t need ten different gym equipment to help you stay fit. Even the simplest free hand exercises can prevent you from gaining those extra pounds.

The lockdown has driven many people to come up with their own creative ideas to stay fit. For example, the viral soap treadmill challenge. The point is to make any flat, smooth surface slippery and use it as a treadmill by holding onto something in front of you.

You don’t need to go to something that extreme. Just do freehand exercises like pushups, situps, planks, squats, lunges, etc. Some social media workout trends use these freehand exercises for their 30-day fitness challenges.

Workout Videos

Since you don’t have access to a trainer due to COVID-19, you have to find another option. Fitness DVDs were widely popular in the 80s(Used to be VCRs back then) and 90s.

You can buy fitness DVDs online and learn workout regimens you can do at home like aerobics, strength building, balance training, etc. For some of those workouts, you might need to buy simple tools like small dumbbells, workout balls, etc.

If you don’t want to spend money on fitness DVDs, you can find videos online. Youtube is filled with free workout videos. You can find anything from simple 10-minute videos to a few hours long sessions. Watch and follow the videos made by the fitness gurus.

Dance Away The Fat

Many people go to great lengths to avoid working out. They would starve themselves, go from one unhealthy diet to another, etc, just to avoid the gym.

If you are one of those people who hate doing exercise but still want to stay fit, dancing is the way to go. Dancing is a fun way to avoid gaining those extra fats.

You can find countless videos online that teach dancing. From simple dance moves to difficult choreographies, you will find everything on the internet. Choose a video and follow the directions.

Some people like to groove to their own beat. Turn on the music and get moving. Anything that gets your heart pumping can help you stay in shape. Just try not to hurt yourself.

Yoga & Meditation

Many fitness experts don’t take yoga seriously. However, it has kept people fit, flexible, and agile for centuries. Doing yoga in the mornings is an incredible way to promote health and wellness.

You can take online classes or find videos online to learn yoga. Be extra careful as yoga moves done wrong can strain your muscles or get worse.

Yoga gets your body moving in fluid motions, stretching in ways that promote healthy blood flow and even help your metabolism.

Being stuck at home with the same people can cause friction. Avoiding arguments and fights become difficult when you can’t get away from each other. Meditation helps control anger and frustrations, by taking you to a zen state.

Online Workout Classes

Online classes are on during the lockdowns. From elementary school kids to graduate classes, everything is happening online. You can find online classes for everything these days. They cost comparatively less than hands-on training.

People have so much free time and all the fitness fanatics are looking for alternative ways of becoming better at working out. That is why online workout classes are immensely popular these days.

You can find workout classes for pilates, cardio, yoga, ballet, Zumba, boxing, and so much more. Anything you can think of that gets you moving, you will find an online class for it.

Check out this compilation of best online workout classes and become an expert at something without setting your foot outdoors.


Keep moving, stay active and try to follow the tips mentioned above which can help you to shed the extra fat you are gaining by being a couch potato during this quarantine period and help you to stay fit.




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