Men’s Brow Grooming

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Well-groomed male eyebrows are a new trend. This makes your look open and attractive. The first step to men’s brow grooming is tweezers. Read below how to choose tweezers and why it’s important for men who care about their appearance to have them. We will also cover another important question: how should men do their eyebrows so that they are in perfect shape.

Why men need eyebrow tweezers

Male tweezers are a tool used to correct eyebrows’ shape and thickness. Made of stainless steel with a metal or ceramic coating that protects the tool from moisture, corrosion, and aggressive chemical components. Available in classic – silver, less often – in gold, black, gray, blue, and blue shades. The working edges of the men’s eyebrow tweezers are sharpened manually. They are thin and sharp, which provides a quick grip on any type of hair – long and short.

Which tweezers are better for men?

Best tweezers for men are made by German companies. They have developed high-quality standards that include:

  • material quality;
  • usability;
  • easy maintenance;
  • handiness.

Made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and aggressive chemical components. Can be sterilized both in a concentrated solution and in dry heat. The exception is tweezers with ceramic coating. The coating changes color under a temperature above 180°C. It turns yellow or brown. So for such tweezers it is better to use cold sterilization (soaking in a bath with a solution) to neutralize bacteria. When choosing tweezers, you need to pay attention to edges shape:

  • beveled for removing short dense or thin hairs that are very difficult to “get”;
  • rounded for eliminating “fluff” – thin and light hairs at the base of the eyebrows or on the bridge of the nose;
  • smooth for correcting the body of the eyebrows which is long and dense hairs.

Best tweezers for men’s eyebrows can be purchased at specialized stores. The tweezers price depends on the parameters, type (narrow, thick, beveled edges), and type of coating – metal or ceramic.

What eyebrow shape is trending right now

Naturally shaped eyebrows (no bends) are in trend now. Extra hairs on the nasal bridge, at the base, and at the edges is antitrend. But, how to do guys eyebrows, as the removal of excess hairs is a rather painful procedure.

  1. Correct your eyebrow immediately after a hot shower. When the pores are open, removing even dense hairs is much easier and less painful. At the same time, the skin must be flexible, and the hairs should be removed in the direction of their growth. Remove the hair with a fast and confident movement. If you pull the hair, you only increase the pain and then leave redness after the procedure;
  2. Use the Chandler Bing method. Those who watched the Friends series know how to shape guys’ eyebrows with a low pain threshold. It takes ice and a little patience. So low temperatures make the skin a little numb, and the process of eyebrow correction is not so painful;
  3. Get an eyebrow brush and scissors: these tools are also used to correct the shape. With a brush, you need to comb all the hairs up, and cut off the ends with scissors. After this procedure, the eyebrows will look more accurate.

One more recommendation – remove the hairs on the nose bridge correctly. It’s about the distance between the eyebrows. It should be 1.5-2 cm, but no more, otherwise the whole emphasis will go to the nose, and the face itself looks unnatural.

What are the eyebrow care rules that men need to know 

To keep eyebrows shaped, men need to follow simple rules:

  • Comb your eyebrows 2-3 times a day: men have thicker and denser eyebrows, often thick hairs are harder to keep in shape. Comb your eyebrows along their growth;
  • Wash your eyebrows with a special shampoo: cosmetologists have developed products that eliminate dust and small particles that get on the hair. These products have a nice aroma and a thick consistency;
  • Style your brows with gel. This is a fragrance-free product. It must be applied to the hairs, and shape the way you like it;
  • Correct the shape every 1-2 weeks when you notice extra hairs appear on the bridge of the nose, at the base, or along the edges of the eyebrows. If in doubt that you will do everything right, contact the professionals. Eyebrow correction for men is done in beauty salons, brow bars, and specialized studios. It is important to voice your preferences for the shape and thickness of the eyebrows, or show examples that you like.

Now you know how to maintain eyebrows for guys, so you will easily maintain them in perfect order.

How to keep your brow tools clean 

All tools purchased for eyebrow care – brushes and tweezers – must be sterilized. This process involves the elimination of bacteria, hairs, and residues of products. There are two ways to sterilize instruments at home:

  • Antiseptic treatment: the agent must be applied to the working edges, wait 30-60 seconds and remove the remnants of the antiseptic, and with it the hairs, the remnants of styling products – with a damp or dry cloth. You need to wipe the tool until the napkin is clean;
  • Cold sterilization: you need a deep container and a concentrated chemical solution. A solution is poured into the bath, and instruments are placed in it. The exposure time is indicated in the instructions for the tool.

It is recommended to sterilize the instrument every 2-3 weeks to keep it in perfect condition.




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