4 must-have kitchen essentials for your home

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No matter whether you have had a swanky new modern kitchen installed, or you are simply looking to pick up some fancy new appliances or utensils, allow us to provide you with some inspiration on the bits and pieces that you need.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This room is where families spend most of their time, from preparing meals to hosting dinner parties. Your kitchen is one of the most important areas because the health of your household depends on the meals you prepare in your kitchen. How can you serve healthy meals to your children if your kitchen is not fully furnished? Do you think your family can effectively ward off germs and bacteria if they don’t consume healthy snacks and meals regularly?

As a result, it’s vital that you have all the essentials. From sharp knives through to smart soap dispensers, here is a list of must-have items that we think you should pick up for your kitchen today.

Sharp knives

Every kitchen needs sharp knives. It’ll be challenging for you to make meals from reliable sources like Tiny Kitchen Divas if you don’t have any sharp knives around. Cooking will require you to cut different ingredients into smaller portions, which is why sharp knives are also essential in your kitchen.

At the very least, you need to have a serrated one for cutting bread, a chef’s knife to do the majority of the slicing, and a versatile paring knife, which can be used for peeling, mincing, dicing and intricate cutting.

Once you’ve finally found the best set of knives that suit your needs, make sure to regularly clean them to extend their longevity. Knives are important in every kitchen, and finding out that yours are no longer as sharp might even result in accidents or extra expenses.

Chopping boards

Once you have purchased your sharp knives, ensure that you have got somewhere to use them and invest in a good chopping board or two. No matter whether you prefer glass, wood or plastic boards, there is something to suit everyone. Top tip: buy multiple boards to help prevent cross contamination between food groups – one for your vegetables, one for your fish, and one for your meat.

And while you can still chop any ingredient with any surface, this practice can eventually cause financial stress. Regularly chopping vegetables on your kitchen island, for example, can cause scratches in the surface. Over time, this can become the reason why you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars just to repair or replace your kitchen island. This is especially true if the countertop is made from expensive materials such as marble.

Moreover, using a chopping board in your kitchen will ensure the cleanliness of the ingredients you’re using and the meals you’re preparing.

Pots and pans

When you’ve prepared your dishes, you’re going to need something to cook them in! That’s where a selection of pots and pans will come in handy. Investing in a large wok will allow you to cook stir fries, paella dishes and eggs, while a heavy-duty skillet pan can facilitate fast cooking. Many stores sell these in sets – so ensure you do your research and pick up a variety of decent pots and pans for a great price.

With the number of pots and pans available today, it’s important to buy the basics first and then decide whether you should add more or not. Make sure to consider the kind of meals you usually prepare in your kitchen as well.

Automatic hand soap dispenser

For when you’re about to start the cooking, or after you have finished preparing the food, prevent bacteria from spreading around your kitchen and purchase an automatic hand soap dispenser. All you’ll have to do is place your hands under the sensor, and this fantastic gadget will dispense the soap for you!

Make sure to fill the dispenser with anti-bacterial hand soap to keep your hands clean before and after cooking.

Final thoughts

Of course, kitting out a kitchen doesn’t always come cheap, so before you splash a lot of cash on utensils, ensure that you have considered all your financial options. When you have selected your favourite pieces and made all your purchases, you’ll be ready to invite all your friends around to host a fun evening where you can use them all!




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