Our Total Gym XLS Review. Is it Worth the Cost?

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Total Gym is a home gym equipment brand that’s been around for decades, and on television for about 15 years. They originally got their start as a company that caters to people in recovery for injuries, chronic pain, and other setbacks. You would only see these machines in rehab centers, but since they were such a great workout tool while at the same time saving your joints, knees, and back, they decided to make their models available to the home gym market. Now, Total Gym machines are in over 4 million homes across the United States.

You’ve probably seen one of their infomercials before- Chuck Norris, Kristin Brinkley, and other celebrities of the like have toted in the commercials, showing off their hard-earned bodies while promoting Total Gym. Chuck Norris was the main face of the brand and got started working with them about 30 years ago.

Total Gym XLS Summary

The Total Gym XLS became super popular once Chuck Norris started calling it the “lean, mean exercise machine”-and he wasn’t lying! This model specializes in strength training to build muscle and increase strength. The main part of all Total Gym machines’ is a glide board with a few attachments- it uses your body weight and gravity to provide numerous levels of resistance to work with your current fitness level and the progress you will make in a few months’ time. When you want to add resistance, you decrease the degree at which the machine is slanted. If you want to decrease resistance, increase the height of the glide board. Although most people think you need actual free weights to gain muscle and build your physique, using your body weight is actually another way to lift “weights”. Your body, at the right angle, is more than enough weight for you to get in a weight training session and still have room for more weight to be used (you can do this by changing the angle of the glide board). The XLS is an upgraded version of their previous models, making it one of the best machines for your home gym and in the Total Gym lineup. The upgrades they made were a better squat stand, a more padded glide board for maximum comfort, and a new pulley cable system. Along with the attachments, the XLS also has complimentary exercise plans and nutrition plans to assist you further in getting closer to your goals.


Dimensions: W 19” x L 90” x H 43”

Folded dimensions: W 19” x L 51” x H 9”

Weight: 92 lb

Weight limit: 400 lb

# of possible exercises: 80

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 6-month warranty on all parts.


There’s very minimal setup once you get it out of the box, making it super convenient to get in your home and put to use. All you do is extend the frame and unfold it, then choose whatever incline level you want!


If you bought other accessories for your machine, you can attach them right away or after you try it for the first time. Buying extra attachments will allow for more exercises and better variations, keeping you interested and motivated for a long period of time.

Moving & Storage:

Moving and storing your XLS is just as easy as assembling it. You can easily fold and store this anywhere in your home, being small enough to fit inside a closet. The machine weighs about 90 lbs and the glid board weighs in at 22 lbs. The wheels on the bottom of the model make it easy to store and move around as often as you want. However, if your home has carpet you will probably have a tough time moving this around.

80 Different Exercises:

Total Gym says you can do 80 different workouts on this thing, with extra attachments creating even more options. The accessories they offer are a dip bar, press-up bar, leg-pull attachment, AbCrunch, weight bar, and a few more. Some people are a bit skeptical about getting 80 different workouts in this machine because many of them are just different variations of the same movements. You can take this how you want, but regardless of if it’s 80 different exercises or just different variations, you still are working out different muscles you otherwise wouldn’t have targeted.

Since most users of any Total Gym models are beginners, they decided to include a DVD with your machine that will detail how to do all of the different exercises you now have access to. Along with this, they also include a nutrition plan that is pretty basic and not specific to your own body, but gives good guidelines on eating properly, especially if you have lived your entire life with a bad diet and need some basic guidance.  We can all benefit from getting active and maintaining a workout routine, but if your diet is not good, it will easily be holding you back from gaining muscle and losing fat. It’s important to thing about the big picture and not just the workout side of things.

Pros of the Total Gym XLS

  • Low impact workouts in the comfort of your home
  • Improvements and upgrades to past models
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Resistance levels that are easy to change
  • A few workout DVDs that offer weight-loss programs and muscle building programs

Our Final Thoughts

The Total Gym XLS is backed with a great warranty while being a reliable competitor on the market. If you are around the home gym equipment space for over 20 years like Total gym has been, you have to be doing something right. This is a very cutthroat industry and what keeps Total Gym at the top are their happy customers and reliable models.

The XLS itself is a sturdy, above-average home gym model that makes it easy to exercise and get active. From assembly to storage to use, the convenience allows you to create an efficient workout routine that becomes a habit in your weekly life. Although the price tag is a bit steep, this machine is great for those who are beginners at fitness that want to steadily make progress, increase their strength, and take care of their joints and body while still being active.

Source: https://fitnessjuggernaut.com/total-gym-xls-review/




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