Personal Training: Should You Pay for Personalized Fitness Classes

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How does a personal trainer differ from a person on duty? When a person comes to work out in a new fitness club, it is difficult for him to assess the coaching staff and choose an attentive and professional instructor for personal training. The most important thing that newcomers to a fitness club need to remember is that it is not recommended for beginners to work out on their own in the gym!

All this is possible only within the framework of personal training, so it is very important, at least at the beginning of classes, to train under the supervision of a specialist. But it is difficult for beginners to objectively assess the qualifications and professionalism of a particular coach. Therefore, if you are not yet familiar with the specifics of fitness, but are determined to work with a personal trainer – during your own training, observe how the trainers work in the gym.

Everything matters:

How a coach does his job? The coach’s attitude towards his client and other visitors Who does the coach pay more attention to: his client or his phone? Chat with other members of the club, ask: what were the results, clarify their opinion about this or that coach. Sometimes a little thing matters: will the on-duty coach come up to you during your independent training. For example, suggest, help to perform the exercise correctly. For many, attention is the main thing that is needed from a coach.

Personal Training

A competent instructor will definitely draw the client’s attention to why it makes sense for beginners to practice with the help of best books for personal trainers. And what results can be achieved (and how quickly!) With the help of personal training. Therefore, it often happens that a beginner fitness player chooses as a personal trainer exactly the specialist who gave him the initial instruction. There is nothing wrong with that, maybe you just got lucky the first time!

If mutual “chemistry” with the coach did not happen right away – do not be afraid to change and try! Find your ideal trainer and achieve impressive results with his help. Changing a coach is usually a working moment. Important: if you have any health problems, then you need to clarify whether there is a certified exercise therapy trainer or exercise therapy doctor in this gym. And you need to do this even before buying a membership to the club!

Protein test: who failed the test?

You shouldn’t bring your “personal” trainer to the fitness club! And that’s why Most clubs do not approve of training with their own “personal” trainer who is not a full-time club employee, even if he has his own card.

Such a categorical prohibition is justified, and I do not consider it correct to make any exceptions in this matter! Any fitness club is a commercial organization that has its own qualified personnel, whose responsibilities include working with the current clients of the club.

Therefore, on the territory of this institution, the “work” of any other specialist is prohibited.

But the big problem is that many “personal” trainers are not really personal trainers! At best, they are former athletes who have at least some idea of   training in a fitness club. And at worst – idle amateurs, scooping information from the Internet. The club cannot and is not obliged to be responsible for their knowledge and qualifications, therefore their activities are prohibited.

“Duty” coach: what does he owe you?

Each club has a coach on duty. The duties of which include consulting self-employed clients, reminding them that it is necessary to clean up equipment, conducting initial briefings, keeping the gym in order, checking the operation of cardio equipment and informing technical services in case of a malfunction.

But when you turn to the duty trainer with questions and for advice, remember that in order to obtain a large amount of necessary information and new skills in performing exercises, it is necessary to take personal trainings. Do not rely on the coach on duty to create a training program for you or work out the exercise technique with you! To insure and advise – yes, and for more information – welcome to a personal training session.

As for the recommendations for proper nutrition, the coach can, and even must, give them. But only within the framework of their professional knowledge. A trainer shouldn’t make up a diet!

Client training is also the responsibility of a personal trainer

A good coach should immediately ask the client about his goals and opportunities! Because if you initially know that you cannot afford long-term sessions with a personal trainer, then he must teach you to independently perform a certain complex. Based on your goals and objectives, write a program, and then help with small tips.




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