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Losing weight shouldn’t look like going through boot camp – this is the entire premise of ReshapeMe app. It promises dietary plans that don’t resort to starving or eating only meals made of gruel. You also get simple enough workout routines that don’t require any equipment.

I’ve decided to pick up this app and try how it works. So, in this ReshapeMe review, I’ll share all my experiences with it on Android and iOS. Is this the ultimate solution to losing weight gained during the lockdown? Find my experiences below!

Overview table

Free version: No
Pricing: starts from $1.25/week
Vegetarian-friendly: Yes
Intermittent fasting Yes
Calorie counter Yes
Step tracker Yes
Water tracker Yes
Sleep tracker No
Customer support: Tickets (email)

Client Apps

To start with ReshapeMe, you’ll have to download their app or head to their webpage to complete their survey. This will find out your age, gender, and current activity level. This data then will be ran through their algorithm, developed by their nutritionists and fitness trainers.

The result of it is your unique and one-of-a-kind diet and workout plan. Although this sounds a little imposing, I was surprised by how laid-back everything seems in the app itself. The food pictures and workout videos are beautiful to look at and truly make you believe that losing weight not only is possible, but it’ll also be fun to do. If you’re completing your daily goals, you’re slowly reaching your desired weight. Stay committed, and you will reach your desired body shape.

There are some differences between the apps, but their update rate is pretty good (during my month of testing, the Android app received several patches). Seeing this, I believe that it won’t be long before they provide the same experience level. ReshapeMe is still a very new app, so that’s understandable.

For example, the iOS version includes diet and workout plans, which also support custom inputs. You can include whatever meal or physical activity, and it will be visible within the app. If you had a cheat snack or additional workout, you would add it to your total daily amount of calories burned or consumed.

There are also other helpful additions like the daily step counter. If you agree to share Apple Health’s data with it, ReshapeMe will know how many steps you’ve taken that day. It does add up, and every bit helps when you’re working towards that beach body.

ReshapeMe doesn’t omit proper hydration from the equation. You will also be able to indicate the daily amount of water that you drank. At first, it won’t be that easy to reach those numbers, but after a week, you’ll notice that as you’re starting to get into shape, your body just requires more fluids.

Diet plans

Their diet plans will give you two, three, or four meals for the day, it depends which option you chose. In any case, they adapt to your current nutrient habits. By default, it gives you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In total, all your daily meals (including snacks) should not exceed the daily calory amount.

I liked that their recipes provide a good variety. The ingredients that I had to use were pretty easy to find, too. Often there is little to no cooking time, which means that you can grab a quick bite and don’t spend long hours in the kitchen.

While often the diet meals lack flavor, this just doesn’t apply to ReshapeMe recipes. It’s truly their strongest side. Chicken and bean stew, chocolate pudding, and Teriyaki Chicken drumsticks are the recipes that I will keep in my personal cookbook. Knowing that they don’t have too many calories is a nice bonus.

The only thing that I felt was missing was the easy paleo diet option. Still, you can manually select the foods that you don’t eat, so there’s a solution to it.


If you want to see your weight-loss results in the mirror faster, you can find daily workout routines in the app. It won’t probably be intense enough to build muscle mass, but it pushes you to be more physically active. This is extremely important initially as too intensive workouts could take away your motivation and make you more prone to physical injuries.

Don’t try to rush things there. Take your time. At first, your workouts will be pretty light and get intensive only over time. The exercises will be mixed, but if you’ve chosen to focus on some key areas, you can expect that these will pop up more frequently.

You will be able to change your focus area on the fly. If you see that you’re satisfied with the results, for example, you could start focusing on legs or stomach.

The videos themselves deserve the most criticism. They are silent, so you will only have the video as a reference. Some background indication like counting or music would be a much better choice. Yet, if you’re usually working out with your personal playlist, that might be a non-issue to you.


ReshapeMe works on a subscription-based pricing plan. There are three different duration options:

12 months plan for $1.25/week

6 months plan for $1.75/week

1 month plan for $4.40/week

The prices that you see on their webpage are actually one-time payments that are divided into weekly amounts. When you pick the desired plan, you will be charged the full amount for the duration.

This means that their shortest plan costs $19, half-year option – $46, while the longest, yearly plan costs $66. Still, the prices aren’t outrageous and fall in line with most competitors in the weight-loss/fitness segment.

What are the alternatives?

MyFitnessPal – mainly, this app serves as a calorie tracker. Its main benefit is that you can scan your plate and get the results without figuring out your calorie intake. It also includes workout routines and meal recipes. If you’d like to try it, there a 30-day free trial. Their Premium plan costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year, so it’s a bit cheaper than ReshapeMe.

Lose It! – another calorie counter and workout app. You can set your weight loss goals, track your calories, and lose weight by following their workout routines. You can also scan the barcode to add the food to your daily calorie amount immediately. It costs $39.99/year. I’d argue that ReshapeMe’s workouts have more variety and focus on more areas.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret – although it says “calorie counter” in the name, the app can do much more. It has a free version, where you can log your calorie intake. However, there is also a premium version that offers personal diet plans and water tracking. It costs from $6.99/month to $38.99/year. Yet, you are getting fewer features than with ReshapeMe.

Customer support

If you’re having problems with the app or are experiencing other issues, you can always reach out to their customer support agents. It’s simple enough to do it via the app, and you’ll only need to fill out their ticket.

I asked them whether it was possible to log my food in the Android app around 8 PM. I got a reply at approximately 11 PM, saying that they’re still working on adding this feature. They also mentioned that it should be available pretty soon, which is good news!

I’d say that 3 hours of waiting time is a pretty good result. I’d have to wait much longer with most competing products, so it’s definitely a strong point.

Is ReshapeMe for you?

Even though ReshapeMe is trying to be two things at once: meal planner, calorie tracker, and fitness app. For the most part, it accomplishes all of these goals. It gives you attractive meal options and makes you more aware of how many calories you’re consuming. This stays with you as you’re being more critical what you’re eating in the long run.

Secondly, the workouts won’t take up too much time and don’t have any prerequisites. If you’ve been a couch potato for your whole life, their workout routines will be a fine introduction. This is the right way to do it, which only helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

However, the quality of videos could be higher and include music or voiceover. Also, since you can’t cast it to the TV, this would help to avoid checking your phone while you work out. If they iron out those flaws, it will be a superb app that helps you stay on track and get results that you’ll see in the mirror.



  • Realistic weight-loss projections
  • Will suit even the most passive of us
  • Includes calorie counter
  • Varied daily meals recipes
  • Integrates well into the iOS health app
  • Includes water tracker
  • Daily step amount challenges
  • Fast customer support reply times


  • Mute workout videos
  • No free trial




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