Simple steps to keep your floor healthy and bacteria free

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In the wake of this pandemic, it is imperative that you keep each and every corner of your house virus free. This can be done in many ways. The most simple, common and obvious way is to clean it.

Similarly, you should also ensure that your house floors remain healthier. This is so that the people living in the house are also healthy throughout.

This article will take you through the simple tips that can be taken to keep the floor and healthy as well as free from potential bacteria;

1. Clean regularly

The first step is to clean the floors on a regular basis. Make sure that there is not a single day on which you have missed cleaning the floors. Floors are high traffic areas, especially floors of kitchen and the bathroom. Thus, make sure that the same are cleaned on a daily basis. In this way you can get rid of bacteria, germs and other potential viruses which may be harmful to your health. You can get to know more about floors on

2. Use the right cleaner

It is essential that you use the right cleaner to clean the floors. There are various floor cleaners in the market. Make sure you choose one which has disinfectant properties in it. Choose a cleaner which is powerful in eliminating the bacteria. The cleaner should have all the requisite chemicals within it which are important for cleaning purposes. However, make sure you go through the instructions of the cleaner to know how to apply it.

3. Use warm water

If you want effective cleaning, then it is imperative that warm water is used. Add cleaning detergent to warm water for better results. However, make sure that the right amount of detergent is added. Do not use excessive detergent. Read the instructions of the detergent to know how much is supposed to be added. In any case, use warm water. There are a lot of scientific studies on how warm water must be used for cleaning purposes as opposed to cold water.

4. Use universal cleaners

There are a lot of cleaners in the market. Make sure you choose a cleaner which is also meant for cleaning other surfaces too (and not only floors). Multi purpose cleaners are more effective than one which are for only one purpose. It is always a good idea to patch a product before using it. This way, you will get an idea of how good a product is. You should also go through customer reviews to get a better idea.

5. Professional hire

If you want excellent results, then you should hire professionals. These professionals can guide you on how floors can be cleaned properly and how you can ensure they remain bacteria free. Professionals have the right experience and expertise in the field to make decisions which are in the best interests of the homeowner. Thus, make sure you hire a professional.

6. Have good ventilation

This is an undermined tip. A lot of people do not know how ventilation can keep the floors germ free. Places which are enclosed lack sunlight or air which means that it automatically becomes prone to bacteria and germ. Thus, one of the most important techniques is to have good ventilation which can be helpful in various ways. It also encourages the homeowners to live a healthy willing. Accordingly, you should install as much windows in order to ensure that the ventilation of the room is as much perfect as possible.

7. Use sanitization

In the wake of pandemic, the use of sanitizers has already increased. This is particularly relevant for keeping the floors healthy. Germs do accumulate on floors since it experiences a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Sanitizers can be used for such purpose. There are various sanitizers in the market which are particularly designed for the purposes of cleaning the floors. Use a sanitizer which is specifically made for the purposes of cleaning the floors. Instructions of how to apply it must be read carefully. This is to ensure that you get the right results.

8. Keep the floors dry

If you keep the floors dry, then you will be able to keep it hygienic as well. A lot of people choose to keep the floors moist. This moisture and humidity can attract more bacteria. Humid conditions can be favourable for the growth of bacteria, fungus and virus. This is something to be aware of especially during rainy seasons. The best way is to keep the home germ free. Use the fans and other drying equipment to ensure that the floors are dried. Even when you are cleaning the floors, make sure that after the cleaning process, you keep the floors as much dry as possible.

9. Maximize use of dustbins

This is a no brainer and everyone knows the importance of having dustbins in your house. You should keep trash bins in every corner of the house. Also make sure that the same is utilized properly. Trash must be thrown in the dust bins as soon as possible. Make sure that the dustbins are disinfected as well. In case the dustbin gets stinky, make sure you clean it or get a new one. Proper maintenance of the dustbins can help you multiple ways and keep the floors clean as much as possible.

10. Be consistent

This is essentially the summary of all the methods that are listed above. Cleaning is an ongoing habit that you need to develop, otherwise, it can cause a lot of problems. Make sure that the steps that are listed above are carried out on a consistent basis. The cleaning should be done daily. Sanitization should be done consistently. The use of trash bins should be on a regular basis. This will ensure that the floors remain as much clean as possible. In nay case, you can always call professionals to help you for these purposes.




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