Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Be Aware Of

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Whenever one mentions the word teeth; a word that strikes most minds is ‘White’. The colour white has been widely associated with teeth, but the bright colour of teeth might change over time due to several reasons. This is the reason teeth whitening treatments were developed. But is teeth whitening actually necessary? Does it bring about relevant and noticeable changes? Are there side effects? To answer this and many other questions that pop up in your mind read through. Teeth Whitening treatments can be expensive, so one needs to consult and get the treatment from trustworthy sources that can provide you affordable dental plans

Here are a few facts one needs to be aware of when going for teeth whitening: 

A. It Doesn’t Damage Your Teeth 

Whenever we go for any artificial treatment for our health, be it approaching a beautician, having a hairdo, or anything at all; one thing that bothers most of us is that will it negatively affect the originality? It is popularly believed that teeth whitening does indeed damage the teeth but this is untrue. When carried out appropriately, it not only whitens but also rehydrates and remineralizes the teeth. It has ingredients that have to be used as instructed or it might lead to damage. Hence, if the treatment is carried out precisely by sticking to the instructions, the results are amazing. 

B. Teeth Are Very Much Like Your Skin 

The skin is smooth and we can easily establish it has pores. When it comes to teeth, they are solid and sturdy, it might come as a surprise to you but they have pores too. Due to them being penetrable the microscopic pores absorb bits from everything you drink or eat. When implementing teeth whitening, these same pores are targeted through a chemical reaction that breaks and lifts the stains. 

C. Method Of Delivery 

One thing that greatly determines the success and uniformity of teeth whitening is the method of delivery. For example, the trays used are often not custom made, and since everyone’s teeth size and shapes differ, it causes inconsistency in the treatment. These custom made trays however can be exorbitant. 


D. Sensitivity Is Normal

Before we go for a treatment, we often speak to people who have undergone the same. Several people who have gotten a teeth whitening treatment will complain about the sensitivity caused after. Around 60 percent of people experience this according to research. A few causes for this can be – damaged teeth, thinning of enamel etc. But this usually happens when you take a non-professional treatment. With professional treatments, your process is expected to go smoother. A hygienist or dentist first evaluates your teeth and lets you know if there are chances of discomfort, this prepares you for the procedure or gives you an option to back out if you wish to. 

E. Stains Cannot Be Removed In One Go

You cannot expect to close your eyes through the treatment and open them to bright shining teeth. Even the most sophisticated laser treatments fail to whiten teeth within a night. Teeth staining doesn’t happen all of a sudden; it is gradual and so is the effectiveness of the treatment. Some treatments sure bring out better and quicker results but mostly it takes at least 4 days or a few months for a noticeable difference. 


F. Not All Teeth Can Be Made White 

Teeth Whitening cannot change the original shades of your teeth. Everyone has a specific colour of teeth right when they are born. Teeth Whitening treatments do not claim to change this. They can only eradicate the stains accumulated over time. So when you do go for the treatment, do not expect your teeth to turn white as light. They will only regain their original natural colour. 

G. Crowns and Veneers

If you are a person who has crowns or veneers know that no amount of whitening can change their colour. Porcelain is a stain-resistant material and it doesn’t differ even for whitening treatments. They can’t take up the physical characteristics of the teeth even if they perform their functions. 

H. Ideal Time 

Staining usually occurs due to bacteria from food or drinks. We eat throughout the day; a whitening treatment during the day is likely to turn out futile since you will definitely have some drink or snack. The best time therefore for the treatment is before going to sleep. This gives your teeth sufficient time to remineralize and rehydrate. Also, keep in mind, teeth are whitened by targeting the pores so the pores are opened during whitening and any stain causing food consumption can reverse the effects. 

If you are the one who suffers from comments about your teeth being nonwhite, you must get a teeth whitening treatment done and wear a dazzling smile!




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