The Best Part of Waking Up: 5 Ways Keto Coffee Can Set Your Morning Off Right

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The history of the keto diet began in the late 1930s as an alternative solution to fasting.

People today go on the keto diet to lose weight by cutting out carbohydrates almost entirely. In the mornings, dieters often gravitate towards keto coffee to get their day started on the right track. 

Keto coffee consists of three main ingredients: black coffee, butter, and oil. Coffee itself has many great health benefits, but what about keto coffee?

Yes, it does. Read on to learn about the five main benefits of keto coffee.

5 Benefits of Keto Coffee 

1. Helps You Feel Fuller Longer

When consuming keto coffee, you’ll feel full for a lot longer than if you just drank regular coffee. The secret to the satiated feeling is in the oil, which contains medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. The intake of MCTs can help stop snacking and overeating at mealtimes.

2. Stimulates Brain Function

Do you suffer from the 2 pm drowsiness every day? Most people do and keto coffee can help!

Keto coffee – also called bulletproof coffee – can improve your brainpower and mental focus. The MCTs stimulate the brain, so you can complete the tasks on hand instead of experiencing that mid-afternoon burnout feeling.

3. Improves Overall Health

An improvement in your overall health is an excellent benefit of drinking keto coffee. Thanks to the healthy fats from grass-fed butter and protein consumption, keto coffee drinkers may experience leaner muscle mass and a boosted metabolism.

4. Makes You More Pleasant

Sipping a cup of hot keto coffee will help you feel more genuinely pleasant and happy. It brightens your mood thanks to an increased level of testosterone. Not to mention, its creamy consistency and latte look can be the most satisfying (even at 7 in the morning).

5. Triggers Weight Loss

If you want the full weight loss effect of keto coffee, you have to be fully invested in the keto diet – just switching from regular coffee with creamer to bulletproof coffee won’t do the trick.

When you’re consistent with keto dieting, you can lose up to 10 pounds within the first month. It does depend on additional factors too, such as family genes, fitness level, and amount of physical activity. 

Breaking Down the Keto Diet

If you don’t already know, people who follow the keto diet eat a high amount of good fats and minimal carbohydrates. It’s based on the principle that more fat consumption will help the body hit ketosis at a much more rapid pace. 

When ketosis is achieved, your body is fueled by burning fat rather than by carbs. It’s a lifestyle of high-fat, low-carb and moderate protein intake. Many people beginning the keto diet scope out the Internet for recipes to get started. Introducing keto coffee into your diet is a great way to start the morning because the benefits of keto are excellent! 

Simple Keto Coffee Recipe to Make at Home

Keto coffee is easily made at home. You can purchase a variety of keto coffee creamer flavors at your local neighborhood market or organic grocery store. Bulletproof coffee is generally served hot and made to look like a frothy, milky latte. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Coffee (any variety or brand)
  • Butter (preferably grass-fed)
  • Oil

To make this coffee at home, simply brew a cup of coffee as you would for a regular cup of Joe. You’ll then add your butter, oil, creamer (if you want), and coffee into a blender until a frothy consistency is achieved. Sip and enjoy all of the benefits of keto coffee!

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