The Power of a Home Cooked Meal

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When was the last time you stopped long enough to cook a homemade meal for your family? We often forget that we are living in a generation of speed right now. We live digitally through our phones, or Netflix subscriptions, and our computers. We have no patience for anything or anyone, and we spend a lot of time rushing here, there, and everywhere, which means it’s rare that we sit and savor a homemade meal that doesn’t involve screens or microwaves.

A home-cooked meal is so much more than the food you have on the plate. It’s the community that comes with cooking together, eating together, and with the help of The Food Lovers Marketplace, you can do it all with the best ingredients delivered to your door. At The Food Lovers Marketplace, we supply nothing but the freshest food, and there are so many reasons you should choose this over a takeaway meal ordered from the local street food truck! Let’s take a look at why you should be cooking at home with The Food Lovers Marketplace.

  1. The environment will thank you! By cooking at home, you’re not choosing to eat food out of plastic containers. Cooking at home is going to help you to save the world around you. There’s no plastic involved; no plastic utensils or boxes, no plastic bags – none of this will go back into the environment when you cook from home with The Food Lovers Marketplace.
  2. A home-cooked meal is a healthy option. You get to control the amount of oil used when you cook a meal from home with The Food Lovers Marketplace. There are links between eating excessive takeout foods and heart disease, diabetes, and high sodium, but it’s just not the case when you cook for yourself.
  3. It’s a budget-friendly option. Being connected with local bakers, sauce makers and spread creators mean that you can have some control over what you cook and what you buy. Cooking at home is always going to be cheaper as you can often reuse spices and leftover ingredients time and again!
  4. You will have a choice. Whether you are looking for African foods, Asian options, or more, the options are huge at The Food Lovers Market. The range of choice means that you can cook whatever you like. Don’t fancy cooking? Why not buy cookies and brownies here? There are specialty food options, drinks, Aussie produce, and more and it’s all right here with The Food Lovers Market.
  5. It’s fun. Cooking at home? It’s not just about a great meal – it’s fun! It’s a community event and if you don’t want to cook alone, you don’t have to. It’s a ritual that you can really enjoy and you will find so many different things that you can cook and deliver right to you.
  6. Besides the high salt content, “convenience foods” from fast foods are typically high in chemical additives, unhealthy fat, sugar, and calories. All these can adversely affect your brain health and general outlook. You’ll end up feeling tired too often, experience frequent bloating, and usually feel irritable. As if that’s not enough, these adverse effects can also exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and even depression. The Food Lovers Marketplace offers you a way out of all these health issues, as you’ll not only find the freshest food supplies available, but you’ll get them from a healthy source.
  7. Cooking at home saves time! Understandably, you may think that placing a quick order online for fast-food delivery or eating out in a restaurant is a faster option than cooking, especially when you’re in a hurry. However, in reality, getting yourself a home-cooked meal can be a much quicker option than getting fast food.

Planning Ahead

All you need to do is plan ahead. It is a common misconception to think that you need to cook only when you have to eat- this shouldn’t be the case. Create a menu for your meals, and try doing all your cooking for the week over the weekend. You can store them in your freezer and warm them in your microwave or oven when you need to eat.

Alternatively, you can opt for easy-to-make nutritious meals that take 30 minutes or less to be ready. With so many quick meal recipes available on various online platforms, there’s no reason to spend several hours cooking when time is of the essence. It is vital to ensure that you stock your kitchen with the essentials, so you don’t have to run to the grocery store anytime you need to prepare something quick. Thankfully, you’ll find all the fresh foods and ingredients you need at The Food Lovers Marketplace, giving you a convenient grocery shopping experience.

At Home Cooking

Cooking at home brings the family together! Nothing beats the experience of family mealtime when the entire household gathers behind a home-cooked meal. A family mealtime brings everyone together to enjoy a great meal and spend quality time together. Healthwise, if you have growing kids and aging adults at home, you can underestimate how important home-cooked meals are for their wellbeing. Additionally, family time brings the aging adults at home closer to the family. This way, they won’t have to deal with loneliness and will be less likely to feel depressed. Cooking at home helps you avoid allergies and food sensitivities. As mentioned earlier, when you cook at home, you have better control over what goes into your meals. Aside from your ability to control the calorie content, you’re also at less risk of experiencing allergies and other food sensitivities. You can never be too sure about every ingredient that goes into an already prepared meal. Preparing your food at home becomes especially beneficial if you or any loved one has a food allergy. Since you’re in charge of your kitchen, you can avoid the risk of an allergic reaction.

With The Food Lovers Market, you get a range of options for your home-cooked meals from local, small businesses providing some of the tastiest ingredients and meal options you could ever hope to buy. Support small businesses with The Food Lovers Marketplace.




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